Private Template Sharing with Clients, Multiple Account Emails, and Changing Linked Domains

We’re very excited to announce three new features:

  • The ability to privately allow others to import your templates
  • The ability to have multiple emails for your account
  • The ability to easily change your organization’s associated domain

With these new releases, you now have greater control over your organization, account, and templates.

Private Template Importing

Before, you could only allow others to import your templates by adding the template to the public library. Now, you can simply provide them with the template share link set to ‘Anyone with the link can…’ permission levels to allow them to import the template into their own organization!

Import Template

Read more about sharing templates here: Template Sharing

Multiple Account Email Addresses

Allowing multiple email addresses to access your account makes it that much easier to log in, and to change your primary email address.

change account email

Learn more about handling your account’s email addresses here: Changing your email address

Changing Your Organization’s Domain

By associating a domain to your organization, you can allow others with that same domain to be able to join your organization automatically when they sign-up for Process Street. Now that you can also change that domain, you are provided with greater flexibility!

organization settings - Settings and API

Learn more about handling your organization’s domain here: Changing your organization’s domain

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