Why Was I Charged for X Number of Users?

All billing is “per organization” not “per user”, we use the number of users (not including guests) you have to calculate the amount we charge your organization. For example, if you had 4 users in your organization when you converted to the basic plan, we would charge you $60 for […]

How Do I Change My Billing Email?

To change your billing email simply visit your organization’s settings by clicking the name of your organization in the header within the app. From there, click on the ‘Billing’ tab. Next, click ‘Change’ next to your current email address under ‘Billing Contact’. Finally, add the new address into the field […]

What is the difference between templates and checklists?

In this video, we explain the difference between templates and checklists in Process Street. Video Transcript The difference between templates and checklists is an important concept when getting started with Process Street. First, you have a process template, which is a set of instructions on how to complete tasks, like […]

Variables and Integration Links

We’re excited to announce Variables, a long awaited feature that lets you insert values from form fields into other parts of your checklist. Variables can be used inside text widgets and email widgets to pass on information to the next step or person in the process. They can also be […]

Integration Links

You can create custom integration links to other apps using variables (a piece of informationfrom a template or checklist that’s automatically pushed into another location). This lets you use the information from a template or checklist in custom searches, such as email lookups and Google searches. What are integration links? […]