Moving Workflows Between Folders

Keeping your workflows in folders is a great way to keep them organized. Start by creating a folder and then you can move any workflows you wish into it. Users: In order to move workflows between folders, you must be an Administrator or a Full Member who has been given […]

Change Your Organization Domain

If you are using your Google credentials or SSO to login to Process Street, and you change your company domain, you will need to also change your domain in your Process Street account. Process Street checks the primary domain attached to your account, to detect whether additional users should be added […]

Workflow Run Link

A “Workflow Run Link” is a link that, when clicked runs your workflow. This allows you, or another person to quickly run a workflow from anywhere you have shared the link. Run links can also be used to help integrate your workflow runs with other apps. Ways to use workflow run links […]

Managing User Permissions

Managing your users’ permissions is a great way to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your company’s documentation and processes inside Process Street. By selecting a user type for each of your team members (admin, full member, free member or guest) you can define the level of access they have […]

What is a Guest?

Guests are a great way to bring outside people (such as clients, vendors, VA’s or freelancers) into work with you on a single workflow run, or on tasks within workflow runs, for free! Guests can only see and interact with workflow runs they are assigned to, including checking off subtasks, […]

Managing Group Permissions

You can assign groups of users to workflows and folders instead of adding users one by one. This allows you to set permissions just once, for all users in that group, either at the folder level or on workflows. Assigning a group to a folder or workflow means that you […]

Workflow Run Activity Feed

The workflow run activity feed records details of actions taken by users on all of your workflow runs. The activity feed includes: Who created the workflow run When someone is assigned to your workflow run or to any tasks within it Any tasks that have been checked/unchecked and by who Any […]

How to Archive Workflows

You can archive workflows to remove them from your Library without deleting them forever. This is a great way to either tidy up your Library or folders or to just make room for another workflow if you’re on our free plan (archived workflow don’t count towards your five workflow limit). […]

How To Change Your Billing Email

There may be a need for you to change the email address that your payment receipts or invoices are sent to, for your Process Street subscription. This can be done from the billing page in your organization manager area. Users: In order to access the billing page, you must be […]