Running Multiple Checklists

This is a great feature for anyone needing to run lots of checklists in one go, from a particular template. Not only can you quickly create a batch of new checklists, you can add a checklist assignee, a checklist due date, and also fill out form field data within your […]

Checklist Run Link

A “Checklist Run Link” is a link which, when clicked, runs a new checklist from a certain template. This allows you to quickly run a new checklist without having to open the template and then click “Run checklist” button. Run links can also be used to help integrate your checklists […]

Google Workspace + Process Street Integration

Single-click login with Google Accounts You can connect Process Street to your Google account at sign-up by choosing ‘Login with Google’ on the login screen. Syncing your Google Workspace organization with Process Street If you are a Google Workspace administrator, you can also manage single sign-on across your organization by […]

Checklist Activity Feed

The checklist activity feed records details of actions taken by users on any of your checklists. The activity feed includes: Who created the checklist When someone is assigned to your checklist or to any tasks within it Any tasks that have been checked/unchecked and by who Any subtasks have been completed […]

Export Checklists and Form Fields to CSV

You can export all checklists run from a template into a CSV (comma separated value) file. This is a great way to create spreadsheet-friendly reports of all of the data you capture in your Process Street checklists. Your CSV file can show all of your active, completed or archived checklists, with […]

How Do I Export Templates and/or Checklists?

In Process Street, you have several options for printing or exporting your templates and checklists. This is a great way to create back-ups of all your data, or to share your templates and checklists with other people. For templates you can: Print your template Print (export) your template as a […]

How Do I Assign People to Templates?

You can assign both users and groups to templates, which effectively gives them permission to view or work on your templates. You can also set individual permissions on templates, which allows you to have full control of who can see, access, and/or edit each of your templates. Users: In order […]

Managing Folder User Permissions

You can set the permissions of users (either individually or as a group) on individual folders. This allows you to grant custom levels of access to your folders and any templates contained within them. Users: In order to manage folder permissions, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has […]

Managing User Permissions

Managing the permissions of your users is a great way to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your templates and checklists. By assigning each user as an admin, member or guest you can give your users access to segments of your organization rather than the whole thing. Member permissions can […]