Integration Links

You can create custom integration links to other apps using variables (a piece of information from a template or checklist that’s automatically pushed into another location). This lets you use the information from a template or checklist in custom searches, such as email look-ups and Google searches. What are integration […]

Using Email Notifications in Process Street

Email notifications make it easy to keep track of the important events in the templates and checklists that matter to you. There are several ways an email notification will be triggered. First up, Process Street will send you the following email alerts by default: Task notifications When you are assigned […]

Export Checklists and Form Fields to CSV

You can export all checklists run from a template in a CSV file. This means that the file will show all of your active, completed, and archived checklists, with columns for each task, the status of the checklist, each form field, the assignees, and more. How to export your checklists […]

Creating & Managing Folders

Folders are used to manage templates, checklists, and permissions for different sections or teams of users. For example, each team in your organization (eg, HR, sales, finance, etc) can have their templates in a separate folder, giving them access to only the processes which they need to see. This increases […]

How does the Email Widget work?

The email widget lets you put customizable pre-written emails into your templates which can either be used as examples or actively sent at the click of a button.  Plan: The email widget is available on all plans. Users: In order to add the email widget to templates, you must […]

How to Format Your Comments with Markdown

Process Street lets you format the comments you make on checklists using Markdown. Markdown is a step further than plain text, letting you bold, italicize, link, insert images, and more in an intuitive way. You might not know it by name, but if you’ve formatted text in Slack, Trello or […]

Public and Embedded Templates

By default, Process Street templates are private and can only be viewed by members of your team, people that you’ve invited into your organization. If you wish to share your template with people outside your organization, you can share them with a link either privately or publicly. Setting a template’s […]

Task Due Dates

You can set due dates on your tasks to make sure that everything is completed on schedule. When a task is due, the people or groups assigned to that task will be sent an email notification. Once a task is overdue, it will turn red so you know it’s time […]

How Does the File Widget Work?

The file widget allows you to upload files to your templates for anyone to access. For example, you could upload a copy of your employee handbook to your onboarding process to make it easy to access and give to new employees. The file widget supports uploading of ALL file types […]

How to Use the Email Widget

The email widget lets you add pre-written emails to your templates. This lets anyone running a checklist send a pre-made email at the click of a button. Note: In order to add or edit the email widget in templates, you must be an administrator or a member who has been given […]