How To Use the File Widget

The file widget allows you to upload files to your workflows for anyone to access and download, either from your workflow or from workflow runs. The same file will be available for users to download each time you run your workflow. For example, you could upload a copy of your […]


What are variables? Variables are an easy way of displaying ‘variable’ information that is unique to each of your workflow runs. They effectively act as placeholders for information that you can push data into. You can use them to cut down on data entry or copy-pasting information from one place […]

How To Use the Email Widget

The email widget lets you add pre-written, formatted emails into your workflow runs, which enables users to send a pre-made email from Process Street at the click of a button. It also allows you to use data collected in form fields from within that workflow run, to pre-populate the email. This means […]

How To Delete Workflow Runs

From time to time, it may become necessary to delete a workflow run. For example, if you created a workflow run in error, if you have a duplicate workflow run, or if you have finished with it and no longer need the data contained within it. Users: In order to […]

Managing Folder User Permissions

You can set permissions for individual users or groups on your folders. This allows you to grant custom levels of access, or restrict access to your folders and also any workflows contained within them. Your workflows inherit the permissions you set on folders, which makes controlling permissions much simpler. For example, you might […]

Employee Onboarding

Here are some examples of Employee Onboarding workflow templates that you can import into your organization. You can also search for more ready-made workflows in our workflow template gallery (you’ll need to be logged into Process Street to see this). Call Center Employee Onboarding Developer Onboarding for Startups Employee Onboarding – […] + Process Street Integration

You can integrate and Process Street in two key ways. 1. Using Zapier (check out triggers and actions) 2. Using the Checklist Run Link. Common integration use cases include sales qualification, client onboarding, proposal & invoice generation. Want to learn more about building a sales team? Listen to the podcast […]

Contacting Support

Have any questions? You can speak with the Process Street Process pros team anytime by contacting support. There are few ways to do this: Send us an email at [email protected] Chat with us via Facebook When you’re working in Process Street When you’re working in Process Street You can chat with […]

Task Assignments

You can assign users and groups to tasks in your workflow runs, which effectively gives them responsibility for those tasks. This is a great way to ensure that the right team member is working on the appropriate tasks. When a workflow is run with task assignments built-in, or when someone […]

Task Due Dates

You can set due dates on tasks in your workflows to make sure that everything in your process is completed on schedule and nothing falls through the cracks. This is especially helpful when you utilize task assignments together with task due dates so that members of your team get notified […]