Export Checklists and Form Fields to CSV

You can export all checklists run from a template in a CSV file. This means that the file will show all of your active, completed, and archived checklists, with columns for each task, the status of the checklist, each form field, the assignees, and more. How to export your checklists […]

Creating & Managing Folders

Folders are used to manage templates, checklists, and permissions for different sections or teams of users. For example, each team in your organization (eg, HR, sales, finance, etc) can have their templates in a separate folder, giving them access to only the processes which they need to see. This increases […]

How to Format Your Comments with Markdown

Process Street lets you format the comments you make on checklists using Markdown. Markdown is a step further than plain text, letting you bold, italicize, link, insert images, and more in an intuitive way. You might not know it by name, but if you’ve formatted text in Slack, Trello or […]

Task Due Dates

You can set due dates on your tasks to make sure that everything is completed on schedule. When a task is due, the people or groups assigned to that task will be sent an email notification. Once a task is overdue, it will turn red so you know it’s time […]

How does the Image Widget work?

In order to edit templates, you must be an administrator or a member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your administrator. If you don’t see the green new button, contact your administrator to give you access.   The image widget allows you to add images when editing a template. Find […]

How to Use the Email Widget

The email widget lets you add pre-written emails to your templates. This lets anyone running a checklist send a pre-made email at the click of a button. Creating an email widget To create an email widget, first go into the edit view of your chosen template. Do this by clicking […]

Managing Guests

Guests are a great way to bring outside people (such as clients, customers, or freelancers) into work on a single checklist. They will be part of your Process Street organization, but they are free users with very limited access. Guests can only see and interact with checklists they are assigned to, including […]

How Do Subtasks Work?

Subtasks are smaller checklists which can be placed inside a task in your templates. They are perfect for breaking complex tasks into smaller steps whilst still tracking your progress. How to use the subtask widget To use the subtask widget, or any other widget for that matter, you must be […]

Task Assignments

You can assign users and groups to individual tasks in your checklists, making it easy to see who is responsible for what task. Not only that, but you can set due dates on your tasks to make sure that everything is completed on schedule. When a task is due, the […]

Scheduled Checklists

You can schedule checklists ahead of time to guide and track upcoming or recurring events. For example, an employee onboarding checklist could be scheduled for the date you’re onboarding your next new employee, but an office cleaning checklist would be set to run every week or so. How to schedule […]