Calendly + Process Street Integration

Integrate Process Street with Calendly

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to reduce your workload and get more work done. One of the best ways to do this is to free yourself from repetitive tasks by taking advantage of automation.

It is possible to connect Process Street with other tools used in your company, to create time-saving automated workflows.

In this article, we will look into how you can connect your Calendly account with Process Street. Calendly is simple and easy to use scheduling software. By connecting Process Street with Calendly, information from a Calendly scheduled event can be used to activate a given Process Street template.

Use case:

  • Booking a meeting event in Calendly will trigger and run a checklist in Process Street.

Process overview:

  • A new event is added in Calendly. In this example, this new event is a sales meeting with a customer, to obtain customer feedback
  • A Zap will be set up, which works to automatically activate a new checklist in Process Street once the meeting has been scheduled in Calendly
  • The checklist activated in Process Street will then automatically populate with information from the Calendly event

Read on to see how we can do this.

How to connect Calendly with Process Street

To connect Calendly with Process Street we will be using the third-party automation service, Zapier. Zapier holds over 800 different web apps and services that you can connect to.

The connection between different web apps and services is completed using a Zap.

A Zap is made up of a ‘Trigger’ step and an ‘Action’ step.

You only need to set up the Zap one time. You can then turn this Zap ‘On’ or ‘Off’ as required to control the automation.

Open your required checklist

To exemplify how you can connect Calendly to Process Street, we will be working from the Sales Meeting – BSM Template. This template guides you through the customer feedback, survey process. The idea in this example is that you set up a meeting with a given customer under their consent, to obtain feedback in regards to your service/product.

The Sales Meeting – BSM Template acts as your meeting guide to record all relevant information from your meetings and makes sure all important topics are covered.

Connect Calendly as your trigger step

Make sure you have a Zapier account and log in. Click Make A Zap on the top right-hand side of Zapier’s home screen.

Make A Zap

You are now ready to create the trigger step for your Zap.

Select Calendly as your trigger application, with Invitee created as the trigger task. This means when a new meeting is scheduled in Calendly the Zap will be triggered

Connect to Calendly

Connect to your Calendly account that you are working from. Test your connection before moving onto the next step. Before you set up your Zap, you will need some sample data to work from. Jump into your Calendly and send out an invitation for a scheduled meeting to yourself. Fill in the details necessary.

Get sample data
Once you have a sample Calendly event, you can pull in the details of this event, as sample data, into Zapier.

Pull in samples

Select Process Street as your action step

Select Process Street as your action application, and Create Checklist as the action event. This means that when a new Calendly event is scheduled, a new checklist will be created in Process Street. In this case, it will be the Sale Meeting – BSM checklist.

Action step

The next step is to connect the relevant Process Street account.

Connect process street account

In the next step, you can enter data from your Calendly invitation by selecting the insert form field button to the right-hand side of the given text box. In this instance, we used form fields Invitee name and Event Start Time. Data is pulled from the Calendly invitation and populates the chosen form fields from the Process Street Sales Meeting – BSM Template.


You can continue adding data as required. Below you can see that the relevant users have been assigned, and comments have been added to the task.

add furhter infromation as required

Below you can see information is added in regards to the customer with whom the meeting will be with.

Add customer info

Once complete, select Test and Review. You can then jump into your Process Street inbox to find that a new checklist has been activated. The due date for this checklist is the time and date that the Calendly meeting was scheduled.

New checklist

If you open the checklist, you can see that all the relevant information from the Calendly event has populated the checklist as required.

Information has populated

You can now save and name your Zap.

Congratulations! You have a working automation allowing you to connect your Process Street account with Calendly.

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