Enabling ADFS SSO

Note: SSO is an Enterprise add-on. If you are interested in enabling SSO for your company, contact our support team, or your Account Executive.

There are three steps to set-up the ADFS SSO connection:

  1. Set-up ADFS for Process Street.
  2. Provide identity provider details to Process Street.
  3. Verify ADFS is working properly.

Step 1: Set-up ADFS for Process Street

First, follow the Auth0 Instructions for set-up, using the Realm Identifier and Endpoint below:

Realm Identifier: urn:auth0:process-street-prod

Endpoint: https://login.process.st/login/callback

Step 2: Provide identity provider details to Process Street

Our team will help you set-up SSO on our side. You’ll need to provide us with:

  • The domain(s) your company will use to sign-in, ex: company.com, company-info.com
  • your Federation Metadata endpoint or your Federation Metadata file

Once it’s set-up, you can test your SSO connection as an optional log-in method. We recommend testing it before your company uses Required SSO to ensure it’s functioning properly.

You will see this setting under the Settings & API tab:

After you’ve tested your connection, our team will run a check to ensure your organization can be locked to SSO. They will check that your users do not have any:

  • Non-company domain emails (like [email protected] for example)
  • Users with multiple emails
  • Users with multiple organizations (generally these may be created by error)

They will work with you to fix these issues.

Step 4: Verify ADFS is working Properly

Once any issues are fixed, our team will enable Required SSO for you. At this point, all users within your company will be required to sign-in with SSO.

You will see this setting under the Settings & API tab:

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