How to Format Your Comments with Markdown

Process Street lets you format the comments you make on checklists using Markdown.

Markdown is a step further than plain text, letting you bold, italicize, link, insert images, and more in an intuitive way.

You might not know it by name, but if you’ve formatted text in Slack, Trello or iA Writer before, then you’ve used it.

How to format comments

Use Markdown by typing in the comments of a checklist you have open.

The images below show the most common uses of Markdown, with the code you need to type on the left, and the final outcome on the right.



To show markdown in action, below is an image of a comment you can type in Process Street, and above that is the output once you have clicked to post the “comment.”

To learn more, check out this short guide on Markdown, along with our other help articles on running checklists, templates, and comments.


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