How to Use Comments

Comments are a great way to communicate with the rest of your team on checklists.

You can @mention a user to send them an email alert, format your comments with markdown text, and even attach files to them.

Users: All users can add comments and upload files to comments.

Leaving comments on checklists

To leave a comment you first need to open the checklist in question.

Next, click the task you want to leave a comment on and then scroll to the bottom of the task to see the comment box.

Type in the box to start your comment. Click the “Comment” button to send.

Uploading files to comments

To upload a file to your comment, click on the “Attach” button at the bottom of the comment box, select your file, and then confirm.

The file you upload will appear in the comment thread.

@Mentioning users in comments

By @mentioning a user currently in your organization in a comment, you send them an email alert. This is a great way to prompt a user to work on a checklist (or particular task) which is urgent.

Do this by typing “@” into your comment, followed by the user’s name – once you see their icon display in the dropdown menu, click their icon to confirm your choice.


  • Users must have verified email addresses and be part of your organization
  • User names must be unique
  • You cannot @mention yourself

Learn more about formatting comments with markdown and running checklists.

Note: If you have set task permissions so that a certain user does not have permission to see a task, then they will not receive an @mention comment notification.


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