How Do I Delete My Account or Cancel My Subscription?

There may be a time when you need to delete your account with us, or perhaps you want to pause or cancel your subscription.

Please ensure that you have the billing email of the account in question so that our support team can help you as efficiently as possible.

Users: In order to request account deletion, or to cancel a subscription you must be an Administrator.

If you aren’t the administrator, you can find out who is, by logging into your account and accessing your members and guests page.

Delete an account

If you decide to delete your account, then this action also deletes all of your workflows and workflow runs from your organization.

Please contact our support team in order to delete your account. We will delete your account in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Cancel a paid subscription

If you prefer, you can cancel your subscription instead of deleting all your data.

To cancel a paid subscription plan, log in to your Process Street account and head to your billing page. You will see a “Cancel subscription” link at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

When you cancel your subscription, all your workflows and workflow runs will still be there, should you decide you want to start a new subscription in the future.

This effectively means that you can pause your subscription and come back at any time.

Cancel a free subscription or a trial account

Please contact our support team in order to cancel a free plan or a trial account.

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