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API for Reporting

Access Process Street reports programmatically to automate your reporting workflow.

Using Process Street’s API you are able to export all of your Process Street data, combine it with other source data and analyze it in your organization’s preferred data analysis tool. This API has been built with data ingestion in mind and we’ve included a reference implementation to save your technical team set-up time.

Plans: Our API is available on all plansReporting is available on the Enterprise plan.
Users: To create an API key you must be an administrator.
API docs: APIReporting

Example Use Cases

  • Organization-wide Reporting: Get insight across all your processes
  • Team Performance: Get insight into your team’s usage of Process Street, like who is creating and completing workflow runs
  • Process Improvements: Measure the average time a process takes and capture any bottlenecks that may need improvement

What types of data is available?

  • Workflows
  • Workflow Runs
  • Tasks
  • Form Fields
  • Approvals
  • Users


Process Street API Docs

This is a generic RESTful API designed to make extracting all Process Street data into a data warehouse easy.

Review our API documentation for reporting and for creating and updating workflow runs.

Singer Tap

Singer is an open-source ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) specification for moving data between databases, web APIs, files, queues, and just about anything else you can think of. A Tap is a data extraction script.

The Process Street Tap calls our API for you, following our best practices. Even if you don’t want to use the Tap, it serves as a reference implementation of how to interact with our API.

Review the Tap on Github.


This API is purely for reporting purposes. There is no ability to create or update entities inside of Process Street. You may want to look at Zapier instead.

This API has been optimized specifically for data ingestion purposes. We believe this is the best long-term solution for organizations ingesting data from multiple sources. This approach does not contain search options like a more traditional API.

This API should be used to take a “snapshot” of your data. Despite offering pagination based on the entity updated data this shouldn’t be used to try and poll for updates. If you’d like to keep your data up to date we recommend periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) reloading the data.

A lot of ETL SaaS products charge based on the number of “rows” processed or stored. To help manage your costs we encourage you to tune how often you reload your data based on your requirements. We also advise you to only load the data that you actually plan to use for your reporting. For example, a lot of customers won’t need the form field data if they want to analyze workflow run data.

Get Started

1. Review our API documentation and Singer Tap reference implementation.

2. Generate an API Key from your integrations page.

Note: only Process Street Admins can access this page to generate an API Key.

3. Either use our Singer Tap or implement your desired solution.


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