How Do I Resend an Invitation?

When you invite a new Member or Guest to join your Process Street organization, there may be occasions when you need to resend their invite.

In your members and guests page their invite still says “Pending”, which means that perhaps they didn’t receive your email, or it may have gone into their spam folder, or they archived or deleted it by mistake.

You can continue to resend this invitation email, until you know they have accepted your invite and can access your organization.

Users: In order to invite users to your organization, you must be an Administrator.

To resend their invite, first click your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings”. Your organization management area will open up on your “Members & Guests” tab.

Scroll down, or use the search box to look for the person you want to resend the invitation to, and click the blue link to “Resend” the invite to them, as shown below:

Your invitee will then receive a new invitation via email to join your organization. They should follow the link included in the email to confirm their account and start working with you in Process Street.

You’ll know that they have accepted your invite when you can no longer see the orange warning symbol, the “pending” message or the link to resend their invite.


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