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How To Invite People To Work With You in Process Street

Updated November 24, 2022

Process Street has been designed with teams in mind, with many tools and features that help your organization work fun, fast and faultlessly together.

Inviting other users allows you to share workflows and Pages with them and track the progress of any workflow runs or tasks they have been assigned to work on.

You can invite users as Full Members, Free Members or Guests and, if you need, you can promote users to Admin status.

Users: You must be an Administrator in order to invite users via your organization settings page. Full Members can invite users from active workflow runs or when editing a workflow.

Invite users from your organization settings area

In order to add other users to your organization in Process Street, you will need to invite them to work with you.

Start on your organization manager page. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner of your screen, then click “Settings” to access this page. It opens by default on your “Members & Guests” tab.

Next, you need to decide if you’d like to invite your users as Full Members, Free Members or Guests.

This will be determined by how much access you’d like to grant each user. For example, full members can edit and create new workflows, free members can create or view pages, and guests can work on tasks you have assigned to them.

The two types of members can have one of four different permission levels granted, so you can get granular in the amount of access your team has to your folders, workflows, runs, tasks and pages. Learn more about user permissions and discover the difference between members and guests.

Invite a full member

Type the person’s email address that you would like to invite in the field shown below, then click “Invite”.

Note: On Pro or Enterprise plans, if you already have 5 full members, you will be billed pro-rata for each new full member, at the point you invite them. Check your current subscription rate from your billing page to see how much adding a full member might cost. On the free plan, you can have a maximum of  5 full members.

Invite a free member

To invite a free member, follow the same steps above, but this time check the “Invite as Free Member” box.

Free Members are just that, free! You can invite an unlimited number of free members.

Invite a guest

To invite a guest, you first need to invite them as a free member, then you can demote them to a guest.

Type their email address into the field shown below and click”Invite as Free Member“. Next, find their name in the list below and click “Free Member” then select “Guest“.

Guests are also free users, but with more limited access than free members. You can invite an unlimited number of guests. Learn about the difference between guests and members.

Invite users from your workflow editor

When assigning users to tasks in your workflow editor, you can invite a user as a full member at the point you assign them to the task.

Invite users from active workflow runs

You can invite guests to whole workflow runs or to tasks on active workflow runs when you assign them for the first time, as shown below.

To invite a new guest to an active workflow run, head to the right-hand panel and click “Assign Users“.

Type their email address and hit enter to invite and assign them at the same time.

Accepting your invite

Once you have invited new users, you will see they are immediately added to your user’s list in your organization settings area, with “Pending” next to their name. Once they have accepted your invite this note will disappear. If they don’t accept, you can resend their invite from this same page.

Note: Only admins can resend invites.

For any new users you invite, there are two steps they need to take to accept your invite to join your organization.

First, they will need to click on the blue button in the invite email you sent them, to access your organization in Process Street.

Next, they will need to log in to Process Street (if they haven’t done so already). They can use their email address and a password, or log in via Google or SSO.

Resend an invite

If the person you invited hasn’t followed both steps to accept your invite, you will see an orange warning symbol next to their name in your Members & Guests tab.

You’ll also see “Pending” next to the “Resend” link.

When this happens they may not have seen your email invite, or it might have gone into their spam folder.

Ask them to check to see if they can find your email. The subject line of the email will be “{ your name} invited you to work with them at {your organization name} on Process Street

If they still can’t find it, you can resend the invite. Click the link shown above to “Resend” the invite email.

Promote or demote users

If you need to change a user type at any time, you can change the selection from the dropdown shown below.

A flash notification at the top of your screen confirms the change you just made.

Technically you can’t invite someone as an Admin or a Guest from your organization settings page, but you can add someone as a Full Member and promote them to an admin, or invite them as a Free Member and demote them to a Guest.

Note that Admins have access to your whole organization, including billing and the ability to change your subscription.

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