How Do I Invite People?

To add Members, Guests (or Admins) to your organization, you need to head to your organization manager page.

Users: You must be an administrator in order to invite users to your organization.

Click on the name of your organization in the top right corner of your screen.

The organization manager opens on the “Members & Guests” tab, from where you can invite new users.

Invite a Member

Type the person’s email address in the field shown above and enter their first name and last name in the second box (this does say optional, but it’s best practice to add someone’s name).

Once you have filled in their email address and name, click the green “Invite” button so send an invitation request to them.

Promote a Member to an Admin

Technically you can’t invite someone as an Admin right away, but you can add them as a Member first and then promote them.

Click on the dropdown next to their name where it says “Member” and click to select “Admin”.

Invite a Guest

Type the person’s email address in the field shown below and enter their first name and last name.

Next, check the box shown below, to invite them as a Guest.

Finally, click the green “Invite” button so send an invitation request to them by email.

Accepting an invite

For any Members or Guests you invite, there are two steps they need to take to accept your invite to join your organization.

First, they will need to click on the blue button in the email you sent them, to access your organization in Process Street.

Next, they will need to create a Process Street account and login (if they haven’t done so already). They can use their email address and a password, or login via Google.

Resend an invite

If the person you invited hasn’t followed both steps to accept your invite, you will see an orange warning symbol next to their name in your Members & Guests tab.

You’ll also see “Pending” next to the “Resend” link.

When this happens they may not have seen your email invite, or it might have gone into their spam folder.

Ask them to check to see if they can find your email. If they still can’t find it, you can resend the invite. Click the blue link shown above to “Resend”.

Extra resources

  • Learn the differences between a Member and a Guest
  • Send your new users a guide to help them get started using Process Street as a Member or as a Guest
  • Learn how to set permissions for your new users, on checklists, templates or in groups.


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