What is Process Street?

Process Street is the home for your team’s process documents, and the best place to track your business’ activity.

Create process templates, run instances as checklists, assign your team and track their progress from the one-screen dashboard.

? – You can see a full list of features on our product page here.

An example of a process you might add to Process Street and track could be employee onboarding. You’d create a template with a list of tasks your HR department needs to do every time a new employee joins the company — tasks like ‘provide login details’ and ‘tour the office’.

When the process needs to be carried out, you’d run it as a checklist and assign it to the HR manager. As they work through it, you’ll see their progress. Use comments to communicate around specific tasks.

Process Street also features forms so you can import and export structured data from your processes using our workflow automation features (learn more about forms here).

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