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Form Field Validation

Form Field Validation

February 21, 2022

We’ve added validation to selected form fields to allow you greater control of what data you collect in your workflow runs.

Which form fields can I validate?

You can add validation to:

  • Short text fields
  • Long text fields
  • Date fields
  • Email fields
  • File upload fields
  • Number fields

What validations are possible?

Short and long text fields:

A minimum and a maximum number of characters.

Date fields:

Before or after a selected date.

Email fields:

Allow or block emails from a certain domain (e.g. don’t allow or

File upload fields:

Allow specified file type/s only (e.g. only accept PDFs or Jpegs (or both!)).

Number fields:

  • Minimum & maximum digit limit (e.g. 10 digits for a US phone number). If you want to set exactly # of digits, set that number as the min and the max digit validation.
  • Minimum & maximum value limit (e.g. value can’t exceed $100).
  • Decimal validation – the number of decimal places required (1, 2 or 3).
  • Negative numbers – allow/block negative numbers.

What happens to my existing workflow runs?

If you have active workflow runs with data already completed in form fields before you added validation, you would need to rectify the value so that it matches the validation criteria.

No data is lost or overwritten in your active workflow runs. Once you update the data in the form fields to meet the validation criteria, you can then complete the workflow run.

What about passing data via the API?

When using the API, validations are respected so that you cannot pass invalid data into a form field where validation has been set.

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