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Introducing New Names for Templates and Checklists!

Introducing New Names for Templates and Checklists!

May 7, 2021

Fasten your seatbelts… Templates and Checklists are changing names!

What are they changing to?

Templates ➡️ Workflows

Checklists ➡️ Workflow Runs

Templates will become “Workflows” and Checklists will become “Workflow Runs” or “Runs”.

And when?

These changes will initially come into effect in Process Street on the date this release post is published.

Why the change?

We’ve known for a while that many users find it difficult to grasp the difference between templates and checklists, often seeing them as entirely different constructs or concepts.

By using the same word in the nomenclature for “Workflows” and “Workflow Runs”, we believe this will help users understand the relationship between the two, faster.

How did we arrive at Workflows?

We conducted a customer feedback survey and spent heaps of time digesting and deliberating over the results of that feedback, and which direction to take.

We gravitated towards using the term “Workflows” over “Playbooks” and other names that had been suggested, as that’s what our surveyed customers leaned towards

Also, we felt that “Workflows” are a much better fit for what we do here at Process Street, and what you actually create when using the platform.

What changes will I see?

In Process Street

The template tab at the top of your screen has changed to “Library” and this is where you’ll create your workflows or search through the workflow library.

The checklists tab has changed to “Reports” and this is where you’ll find all your workflow runs, and create saved views for them.

The mechanics of how you build, edit, run, or share a workflow will largely remain the same. However, some of the buttons you use to perform these actions will be also renamed.

Everything will work and function in the same way as before.


On top of making changes inside the app, we will also be updating our website, blog, help center, videos, email messaging.. and all the other places where we mentioned templates and checklists.

As you can guess that’s a LOT of places! And since this is a pretty big change for us to be making, it’s going to take us a little while to update everything…

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about seeing these changes come into effect 🙂

Please bear with us while we work on those updates, and do reach out to our customer success team if you have any questions or need any support regarding this change.

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