Enforce the Order of Checklists, Hand off Tasks and More with Stop Tasks

We’re excited to announce the release of ✋ stop tasks — a new way to control how teams work through checklists.

Note: Stop Tasks are a feature on our Standard Plan.

A stop task prevents you and your team from progressing through a checklist until the stop task has been completed.

This enforces the order of tasks, facilitates hand-offs, improves accountability, and gives process creators more control over how their checklists are used.

Stop tasks also help to reduce email and inbox clutter, as tasks are only assigned after stop tasks are completed.

Some use cases include: fully enforcing the order of a checklist, gathering requirements before kicking off a checklist, and adding approval points.

For more ideas on how to use stop tasks, check out our post below:
6 Ways to Use Stop Tasks to Improve Your Team’s Workflow


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