Enforce the Order of Checklists, Hand off Tasks and More with Stop Tasks

We’re excited to announce the release of ✋ stop tasks — a new way to control how teams work through checklists.

A stop task prevents you and your team from progressing through a checklist until the stop task has been completed.

This enforces the order of tasks, facilitates hand-offs, improves accountability, and gives process creators more control over how their checklists are used.

Note: Stop tasks are a business pro feature only.

Stop tasks also help to reduce email and inbox clutter, as tasks are only assigned after stop tasks are completed.

Some use cases include: fully enforcing the order of a checklist, gathering requirements before kicking off a checklist, and adding approval points.

For more ideas on how to use stop tasks, check out our post below:
6 Ways to Use Stop Tasks to Improve Your Team’s Workflow


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