How Mindshare Collaborative Uses Process Street to Help Their Clients Expand and Grow

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Health and wellness experts are experiencing 10x higher profit margins thanks to the strategies offered by the premier community, Mindshare Collaborative.

Mindshare Collaborative was founded by JJ Virgin, a New York Times best-selling author, celebrity nutrition expert, and Fitness Hall of Famer. Virgin started the company to give the information and support needed for health and wellness experts to build a successful brand and grow.

Mindshare has generated over $50 million in book advances and has helped launch more NYT bestselling books, podcasts, summits, and docuseries than any other health group.

Process Street is a vital part of Mindshare’s offering, and we spoke to some of Mindshare’s top clients to find out how we have benefited them.

The Mindshare Collaborative story

Mindshare Collaborative provides a social platform for health and wellness experts to connect and network. It’s a place where physicians, nurses, nutritionists (and more), come together to collaborate and innovate. With the help of Mindshare Collaborative, respected experts in the health and wellbeing industry are earning major media and publisher attention.

“[Mindshare] has allowed me to create a successful funnel that converts so that I can launch a six-figure course in the middle of a pandemic and donate nearly $55k to No Kid Hungry and World Central Kitchen.” – Elisa Song, CEO of Healthy Kids Happy Kids

Mindshare users have reported earning over $50 million in book advances, and 10x higher profits. Mindshare community insights and expertise provide strategies that are creating NYT bestselling authors, like diet specialist Dr. Kellyann and naturopathic physician Dr. Christianson. But how has Process Street helped the Mindshare community?

Mindshare uses Process Street for:

  • Training workflows
  • Growth playbooks
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Employee onboarding
  • Knowledge management

Mindshare’s clients have benefited from implementing Process Street by:

  • Gaining access to a carefully configured Process Street account with specialist workflows
  • Creating consistency in service delivery for their clients
  • Enhancing process control as clients expand operations
  • Streamlining their employee and client onboarding processes
  • Delivering successful training resources and handbooks


Mindshare’s challenge is to help community members overcome challenges in their businesses. Those challenges are often centered around growing their businesses while still delivering the top quality health and wellness services they specialize in.

A common growth pain point is not having clear and standardized ways of operating. This can mean duplication of work, or work being done poorly – particularly when staff turnover is high: “If there’s one thing that any business that wants to scale and grow must do, it’s to write down its processes so employees (new or old) can step in and execute the right tasks, in the right way, and at the right time.” – Mindshare Collaborative

Karl Krummenacher, CEO of Mindshare Collaborative. Source

Helping clients grow their business with Process Street

Mindshare tackles its challenges by providing Process Street workflows to its community to assist clients in setting up and optimizing their core workflows. The workflows provided include growth playbooks, training processes, employee onboarding procedures, plus more workflows documenting recurring tasks.

For Dr. Alan Hopkins, founder of YourLabwork, process standardization gives consistency to his offering, even as he expands his internal team. “Teaching [new employees] is made so much easier. We document the tasks one time in Process Street and then say hey, go back to Process Street and log in.”

Dr. Fiona McCulloch of White Lotus Clinic Integrated Medicine explains how workflow documentation creates consistency for her onboarding processes, creating standard operating procedures for hiring. “Process Street has really helped us because we now have solid processes in place so if a staff member was to leave the company we have a great way for the new staff member to learn the exact way to do things. They can refer to that over and over again using Process Street.”


Process equals freedom.” – Mindshare Collaborative

Process Street gives Mindshare a centralized place to deliver content to clients in a streamlined way. Once the process is documented, all Mindshare has to do is use the workflow run link to give the client access to the documented workflow.

For Dan Russell, CEO of Vivid Labs, using Process Street has brought many benefits: “Having Process Street in place allows us to produce consistent results for our clients. With these consistent results, we can then continue to scale and we get great feedback from our clients. We can renew contracts, we can go after bigger projects – so having that consistency in our operations gives us the confidence and the ability to scale.”

Process Street is a core piece of Mindshare’s offering; with the ability to provide processes across its entire community, Mindshare clients now have access to relevant and useful content they didn’t have before.

“[We use Process Street to teach employees] how to create a webinar, how to do a Facebook Live, hiring…creating a Zoom call, how to create a teamwork task.” – Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, founder of Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

How Mindshare Collaborative and Process Street work together

Taking it to the next level

Mindshare plans to produce more content for their community and enroll more health and wellness experts into their system. This means more Process Street workflows to help the community grow.

Process Street will continue to attend Mindshare events and we look forward to providing more and more value to their community.

Each Mindshare client gets a dedicated 1:1 session as part of the onboarding process, using Process Street for both support and training purposes. If you’re a specialist in the health and wellness sector and you’re looking to expand your operations – check out Mindshare Collaborative and see how they can help you grow!

The most powerful thing that happened, that gave me the big jump in my business was getting around people who were further along than me.”

JJ Virgin Founder of Mindshare Collaborative

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