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Zonos Streamlined Customer Onboarding and Slashed Implementation Time by 40% with Process Street

Zonos is a software company headquartered in St. George, Utah, whose software allows businesses to automate the complexities of international e-commerce. This includes automating the calculation, collection, and remittance of duties and taxes.

The software company makes it easy for international shoppers to make purchases on websites with language and currency localization and the ability to prepay duties and taxes. Zonos also automates cross-border compliance and HS code generation.

Although the company strived to improve their customers’ international shopping experience, they faced challenges when getting these clients up and running with their software. Especially those with complex software integrations that varied in requirements. 

The previous system Zonos used for their customer onboarding was clunky and lacked the flexibility they needed, making the experience cumbersome and inefficient. This prompted Zonos to seek a more dynamic and user-friendly solution. That solution turned out to be Process Street.

In this case study, we’re covering:

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How Colliers Manages Some of the Largest Buildings on the Planet

colliers case study

Colliers is a global commercial real estate company that helps its clients select corporate real estate, manage lease renewals, and handle portfolio strategies.

It’s a massive operation that requires an intense amount of organization and transparency to deliver the best services for its clients. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by using Process Street.

But how did Colliers come to use Process Street? And how has it helped transform its operations? We will answer those questions and more in this case study.

We’ll cover:

  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • The results

If you want to learn more about how Process Street has helped Colliers, check out our video about it below:

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How Salesforce Uses Process Street for Effective Client Onboarding

How Salesforce uses Process Street for Effective Client Onboarding and Business Growth

A SaaS heavyweight & one of the largest tech companies in the world with over 49,000 employees in 28 countries, Salesforce has built the worlds most successful CRM – not to mention the tallest building in the Western US, the Salesforce Tower.

In this post we look at how Salesforce Datorama, a marketing intelligence and analytics platform, does client onboarding (and more!) with Process Street. We hosted a webinar with Salesforce Datorama’s senior success consultant Alex Hauer, to reveal their secrets.

Process Street is a no-code workflow software designed to help teams make recurring work fun, fast and faultless. We serve over 450,000 registered users including Salesforce as well as other tech giants like Spotify and Airbnb.

(Salesforce Ventures also participated in our recent $12 million Series A led by Accel, alongside Atlassian and others! )

Salesforce uses Process Street to help their customers learn how to use the product. The customer success team follow Process Street checklists, and even create checklists for the customers to follow directly.

Process Street has helped Salesforce scale best practices, increase new feature adoption, and easily follow & track customer progress.

Let’s see how Salesforce do it, and how you can do it too!

Let’s jump straight to it.
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Partner Spotlight: How Kelli Segretto Transforms Property Management Companies with Process Street

solutions consulting partner spotlight k segretto consulting

Join us as we take a closer look at the success story of Kelli Segretto of K Segretto Consulting, a leading Property Management Consulting business.

In this partner spotlight, we will explore how the strategic integration of the Solutions Partners program has played a crucial role in driving K Segretto Consulting and her clients to new heights of success. 

You will discover how Kelli leverages the power of Process Street to create customized workflows, setting a new standard in property management consulting.

Learn how Kelli leverages the Solutions Partners program to grow her own consultancy, along with fun facts about her personally and the workflows that have brought her the most joy.

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Process Street Helped Leverage Retain Knowledge & Increase Efficiency

leverage nick sonnenberg case study

Leverage is an operations consulting firm that helps teams optimize their processes by introducing them to top workflow management tools. One of these tools is Process Street, which Leverage uses for its own daily recurring tasks.

The company’s CEO and founder, Nick Sonnenberg, even features Process Street in his book Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work. He also made an entire YouTube video talking about Process Street’s benefits.

But why is Nick such a strong advocate of Process Street? What has the software done to help him and his team at Leverage? In this article, we will answer these questions by looking at:

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Southport Technology Group Use Process Street to Optimize Onboarding Processes

Southport Technology Group strives to offer affordable services to smaller businesses who don’t have an in-house tech team. 

To do this, the team at Southport Technology Group needs to have lean standard operating procedures to ensure they can meet demand efficiently while keeping costs low.  

In this article, I’m taking you through how the team at Southport Technology Group uses Process Street to optimize their onboarding programs for clients, developers, and employees. 

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Murray Dare Saw 25% Increase in Productivity (& Cut Costs by 18%) with Process Street

case study murray dareMurray Dare is a multi-award-winning marketing consultant based in Norwich, England. With his remote team drawn from across the UK, he delivers first-class marketing strategies, content and processes to a wide range of clients.

The team at Murray Dare use Process Street to streamline their content marketing operations.

Armed with process documentation solutions and process automation, Process Street has empowered Murray Dare to cut costs, increase productivity, improve content quality, improve scalability, and more!

In this case study we’ll look at:

Let’s jump right in!
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ERP Suites Halved Onboarding Time & Saw 5X Fewer Customer Complaints with Process Street

erp suites case study customer success

“Overall, [Process Street has] made a world of difference inside the organization. It’s really helped our quality and keeps our customers happy.” – David Schenz, Director

ERP Suites helps enterprise companies implement scalable IT solutions for secure data, improved response times, and application of industry knowledge & best practices.

The company began its very humble start in 2006 with a few guys in a basement with a vision. By 2017, ERP Suites had grown into an award-winning company known for its IT solutions and innovations.

Currently, they meet the needs of over 250 mid-size organizations within the US and abroad.
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Robbins Estate Law Outperform Competition by 2x (with Process Management)


Robbins Estate Law is a law firm in the Austin, TX area.

By using Process Street, they have been able to overcome many growing pains that law firms often face, like simplifying long, complex processes, reducing human error, and simplifying the daily recurring tasks.

As a result, their attorneys handle roughly 2x the number of cases for their industry’s average.

Owner Kyle Robbins describes how they achieved this by using Process Street to upgrade their process management methods, letting their business run at scale beyond humble Excel beginnings.

In this Process Street case study, we’ll cover:

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How BentoBox Uses Process Street to Scale Their Business Operations

bentobox scaling business case study

BentoBox is a website e-commerce and marketing platform just for restaurants. Their mission is to empower the world’s restaurants to succeed in their mission of hospitality.

While thousands of restaurants are using BentoBox to power their digital experience for customers, including websites, online ordering, gift cards and more, BentoBox uses Process Street for key processes like customer onboarding and employee onboarding to smoothly scale their operations.

“Partnering with Process Street has ultimately enabled us to help our team move quicker, as well as create transparency with our customers; and the features that they’ve been adding since then have just kind of proved that it was the right choice.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

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