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How Wodify Uses Process Street to Onboard Employees and Manage Customer Success

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Wodify is a long time customer of Process Street that uses the platform to streamline their employee onboarding and power their customer success program. We spoke to their Product Manager Elli Rego about how they use Process Street in their business.

The Wodify Story

Fitness requires motivation and dedication, both of which are driven by competition and human connection. Thus, gyms need to connect with their members to survive.

Wodify gives gyms the platform they need to do just that.

Wodify Core is a gym management platform that lets owners and coaches quickly deal with their admin to focus on getting the best out of their members.

Schedules can be created and edited on the fly, member attendance is tracked and automatically billed, and everyone’s performance can be monitored and referenced to show just how well their workouts are going.

Competitions can be set up and easily managed with Wodify Arena, letting the fitness community push itself to train harder while live scoring keeps the results tense.

Gyms and their members are performance-driven by nature, and Wodify works to let their customers focus on just that.

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How Hatch Canada Uses Process Street to Handle its Growth

Hatch Canada Process Street case study headerHatch Canada has been a long time member of the Process Street community and utilizes our platform to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes. We spoke with CEO Peter Kuperman about how Process Street is utilized within the business.

The Hatch Canada story

While children grow up with iPads and computers, their classes in school too often focus on the same areas as they did 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Hatch is on the forefront of changing that approach.

Hatch is committed to opening up technology to everyone, and providing an opportunity to understand what’s inside the machines kids already interact with daily.

Hatch Canada presentationNot simply a coding school, Hatch is dispersed across Canada and is able to boast that it’s a 100+ person company.

The aim is to making learning fun.

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How iQ Food Co Use Process Street to Manage Their Operations

iQ Food Co Process Street Case Study

Toronto-based iQ Food Co is a long time user of Process Street and its operations are being driven forward with the aid of our platform. We spoke with Arthur Bekerman, the COO, about how iQ Food Co implement Process Street in their business.

The iQ Food Co Story

iQ Food Co is a company deeply embedded with an ethos. They devote themselves to the promotion of balance and sustainability and feel that everyone should have access to the healthy and vibrant food they provide. More than half of the produce iQ Food Co buys is sourced from within 100 kilometers and they serve it up in balanced colorful meals for customers across their 5 locations.

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