Every New Hire Checklist You’ll Ever Need (48 Employee Onboarding Processes!)


I am very happy tonight to be a member of this company and to feel that I have had and will continue to have, the support of such an able organization“. IBM, Quintessential Quotes

Isn’t this something you would want to hear your team say?

IBM has a refined hiring process. Employees are the best fit, fully trained and engaged within their role. By getting recruitment processes and employee onboarding processes right, IBM is happy and IBM’s employees are happy.

Like IBM, we at Process Street believe it is critical to get your hiring process right. This is why we give you every new hire checklist you will ever need, to perfect your recruitment and employee onboarding processes.

Given that 46% of newly-hired employees fail within the first 18 months, there is no doubt that a polished hiring process is what you need, to hire, train and keep your best team.

In this article, we have split the hiring process into two steps, for ease and simplicity:

  1. Step one: Recruitment
  2. Step two: Employee onboarding

Our new hire checklists are specifically adapted to cover recruitment and employee onboarding processes.

With our new hire checklists, your team will be singing your praises.

Shall we get started?

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Your key new hire checklists

You want to hire a new employee. You want the right candidate. You want to make sure no time is wasted, and the best hiring process is adopted.

What you need is Process Street and our new hire checklists.

The fact that you are here, reading this, means you need help with your hiring procedures. Well, you have come to the right place. Below I have detailed our two key new hire checklists to keep you right on trackπŸ›€.

You can access these checklists for free. Simply click on the links provided, and you are good to go.

It is that easy.

New hire checklist: πŸ— Recruitment Process πŸ—

New Hire Checklist - recruitment process

Recruitment is an intricate process. A process that involves attracting, shortlisting, selecting and hiring candidates.

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Or your getting lost in the process. Maybe you have retrogressed to hiring others to do your hiring for you. This isn’t exactly great news for your wallet – especially when you can do it easily without spending a dime.

Whether you are hiring one or many employees, steam ahead of the game and recruit your best team with our πŸ— Recruitment Process πŸ— template.

Click here to access our πŸ— Recruitment Process πŸ—

New hire checklist: πŸ”‘ Employee Onboarding Checklist πŸ”‘


Otherwise known as organizational socialization, effectual employee onboarding gives your new employees the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors to become successful members of your team.

To be used after our Recruitment Process, this πŸ”‘ Employee Onboarding Checklist πŸ”‘ avoids common employee onboarding pitfalls. Pitfalls that result in confusion, wasted time and misspent money.

Click here to access our πŸ”‘ Employee Onboarding checklist πŸ”‘

What is a new hire checklist?

A new hire checklist is a stepped process, guiding you through all the necessary procedures to recruit and fully onboard a new employee. Above ⬆ you are presented with our two key new hire checklists:

  1. Process Street’s Recruitment Process
  2. Process Street’s Employee Onboarding Checklist

By using these two checklists, the fundamentals of your hiring process are covered. These two checklists create the bedrock on which you can build and refine your hiring processes further.

Implement these two checklists first, and from there, you can start incorporating more of Process Street’s new hire checklists (there are 48 of them) for perfectly polished processes.

Why you need to get your new hire process right

New hire checklist - why you need to get your hiring process right

The hiring process begins with a need. A need for a new hire, one that will fit into your team. From there, the process involves interviewing, testing candidates, choosing between candidates, concluding your hiring decision and finally conducting employee onboarding processes.

In short:

  1. Recruitment covers the first part of your hiring process
  2. Employee onboarding encompasses the final portion of your hiring process

As a process, hiring a new employee is not something to be taken lightly. I mean, look a the facts:

  • 500,000 new managers, from Fortune 500 companies, transition into alternative roles or companies each year
  • It is estimated that 50% of all senior outside hires fail within the first 18 months
  • For hourly workers, turnover is a major problem. 50% will leave within the first 120 days of a new job
  • 46% of new hires are considered failures by the time they reach the 18-month mark
  • Only 1 in 5 new hires are considered to be successful

A three-year study conducted by Leadership IQ compiled the results from 5,247 hiring managers across 312 public, private, business and healthcare organizations. 20,000 employees were collectively hired within this study period.

82% of managers reported that with hindsight, there were indications in the hiring process that an employee was not a good fit for the role. But a lack of confidence in their recruitment and onboarding abilities, combined with external pressures, meant warning signs were not acknowledged.

As Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ states:

The typical job interview process fixates on ensuring that new hires are technically competent. But coachability, emotional intelligence, motivation, and temperament are much more predictive of a new hire’s success or failure. Do technical skills really matter if the employee isn’t open to improving, alienates their coworkers, lacks emotional intelligence and has the wrong personality for the job?” Mark Murphey, Leadership IQ.

Thank-you Mark and Leadership IQ πŸ‘ we at Process Street couldn’t have said it better.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression and capture the best candidate for you and your business.

The facts are blatant.

Don’t be another statistic.

Get. It. Right.

Our recruitment processes for your new hire

Your hiring process will start with recruitment. Below I have listed 7 checklists to help you with your recruitment processes. These checklists are to be used supplementary to our broad πŸ— Recruitment Process πŸ— checklist previously given.

Recruitment process: Job Description Template


To recruit, you need a job description. Our Job Description Template will guide you through all the steps necessary to advertise your vacant role and attract candidates with the experience and skills necessary.

Click here to access our Job Description Template

Recruitment process: HR Interview Process With Questions


Our HR Interview Process with Questions will guide you through a three-stage interview process, an essential part of recruitment. Although this checklist has been specifically designed for hiring HR employees, the steps can be applied elsewhere. You can easily edit this template to meet your specific needs.

Click here to access our HR Interview Process with Questions checklist

Recruitment process: Employee Background Check

New hire checklist - employee background check

Exercise caution and due diligence by checking for potential complications a person may have in their past, which could be brought into the workplace. Our Employee Background Check template will ensure you choose the correct employee for the job.

Click here to access our Employee Background Check checklist

Recruitment process: Diversity Hiring Process

New client checklist - Diversity Hiring Process

Although hiring the right candidate is crucial, it is equally important that your recruitment process is geared towards diversity and inclusion. You can use this Diversity Hiring Process to make sure you are getting your best, most diverse and well-rounded team.

Click here to access our Diversity Hiring Process

Recruitment process: Ari Meisel’s How to Streamline the Hiring Process Guide

New Client Checklist - How to Streamline the Hiring Process - Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel, the founder of Less Doing and an expert in productivity, has found a way to automate the entire hiring process. With our Ari Meisel hiring process, you can automate steps saving your time and streamlining your recruitment efforts.

Click here to access our Ari Meisel How to Streamline the Hiring Process Guide

Recruitment process: Ray Dalio’s Hiring Process

New hire checklist - Ray Dalio's hiring process

Our Ray Dalio’s Hiring Process has been created for actionable use cases based on Ray Dalio’s, best seller book titled Principles. You can action the principles within Dalio’s book by using this process.

Click here to access Ray Dalio’s Hiring Process

Our employee onboarding processes for your new hire

Great job using our recruitment processesπŸ’ͺ.

In this next section, I give you our 7 free employee onboarding checklists.

The previous πŸ”‘Employee Onboarding ChecklistπŸ”‘ is a very broad process, detailing the fundamentals for successful employee onboarding. Sometimes though, specificity is needed. That is, you need to use an onboarding process that is unique to the position you are hiring for. Below are 7 job-specific employee onboarding checklists, to give you an idea. You can use any one of these checklists, or edit the templates to make them appropriate to your role.

Employee onboarding processes: Developer Onboarding Checklist for Startups


Competition is fierce when it comes to developer roles, with candidates continuously being baited from one company to another. Once you find the right candidate for you, you don’t want to lose them. Use this Developer Onboarding Checklist for Startups to get your developers up to speed as fast as possible.

Click here to access our Developer Onboarding Checklist for Startups

Employee onboarding processes: Call Center Employee Onboarding Checklist

New hire checklist - call center employee onbaording checklist

Employee onboarding is not a process that lasts a couple of days. It has to be a well-thought-out and thorough. Good onboarding can improve employee retention by up to a quarter. Onboarding call center employees are no exception. Spend the time onboarding your call center employee and reap the rewards from doing so.

Click here to access our Call Center Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employee onboarding processes: Accounting Onboarding Procedure

New hire checklist - accounting onboarding process

So you have recruited new accountancy staff. The next stage is training and to integrate them into your team. 69% of new employees are more likely to stay in your team if they have experienced good onboarding. You can use our Accounting Onboarding Procedure template to make sure you provide a great onboarding experience for your accountancy staff.

Click here to access our Accounting Onboarding Procedure

Employee onboarding processes: Restaurant Employee Onboarding Checklist


New hires can be a big drain on company finances. The cost of replacing a new employee is estimated to be $65,510. You don’t want your new hires slipping away. Having quality onboarding procedures act to prevent this. Use our Restaurant Employee Onboarding Checklist each time you hire a new employee.

Click here to access our Restaurant Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employee onboarding processes: Retail Employee Onboarding Checklist

New hire checklist - Retail Employee Onboadring Checklist

Make sure you have the proper onboarding processes in place with our Retail Employee Onboarding Checklist. By taking appropriate onboarding measures, job satisfaction is increased, organizational commitment is improved, turnover is lowered and performance levels are maximized.

Click here to access our Retail Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employee onboarding processes: Salesperson Onboarding Checklist for Startups

New Hire Checklist - Salesperson Onboarding Checklist for Startups

The cost of hiring, training and integrating a new employee is 200% of the employee’s annual salary. You want to make sure that these employees stick around. Do this and keep your best sales team using our Salesperson Onboarding Checklist for Startups.

Click here to access our Salesperson Onboarding Checklists for Startups

Why your hiring process matters: Real-world examples of new hire processes gone wrong

New hire checklist - real world examples
Source. Don’t be sad like this pug. Pug up the courage to face your hiring process missteps head-on

Using our recruitment and employee onboarding processes, you will be all belts-and-braces (so to speak) and in a sure position that your hiring process is being done right.

You have read the statistics, numbers detailing why a focussed and functional hiring process is vital for your business. But, in case you are still not convinced, I will use this section to paint the picture clear as day. Below I have reported real-life examples of what happens when hiring processes go awry.

Hiring gone wrong: Lou Altman, Globadone

Center-stage on our hiring wall of shame, Lou Altman from Globafone is a business leader who kindly shared his hiring mistake.

Altman hired ex-military, Joe (not his real name). Good on paper, but not good in practice. Joe had, quote: no office etiquette and poor communication skills both towards customers and within his team.

Below are examples of Joe’s, let’s say, oafish behavior:

  1. Sent emails to prospects stating: I need you to buy this stuff cuz my boss is giving me grief
  2. Used vulgar language during staff meetings
  3. Downloaded oodles and oodles of porn
  4. Showed female co-workers inappropriate images, in the office, during working hours

Unsurprising to say, Joe was let go.

Altman states:

There are probably several dozen prospects that will never become clients after this interaction with him. Impressions last.” Lou Altman, Globafone

Hiring gone wrong: Brian Scudamore, 1-800-Got-Junk

Brian Scudamore from 1-800-Got-Junk details his hiring mistake.

Scudamore was growing his company and hired a new COO to help him with day-to-day operations. Let’s refer to this COO as Lucy (again not her real name). Lucy’s credentials were on point. A highly touted, former Starbuck executive ready to take the company to the next level.

Or so Scudamore thought.

During a 5 week vacation, Scudamore returned to find his team mutinying against him.

SS Columbia Eagle style – with no guns – we are talking about complete retaliation of Scudamore’s team towards his companies vision, stirred up by his new COO hire.

Scudamore had to let Lucy go, and focus his efforts on repairing the wreckage she had left. As Scudamore puts it:

We dipped to a low of $75 million in revenue that year but have steadily grown ever since. This year, we’ll do $153 million.” Brian Scudamore, 1-800-Got-Junk

Hiring gone wrong: My own experiences

Before Process Street, I worked at an environmental testing laboratory. Within a year, two employees were let go. One for sleeping at her desk. The other, for consistent errors and a poor attitude.

I experienced first hand the impact this had on internal moral, the companies expenses, and workload management. Let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience to spectate.

Our hiring process for your new hire checklists

So far we have split the hiring process into two stages: a recruitment stage and an employee onboarding stage. However, to make sure this article provides you with the detail you need, we will zoom into the hiring process further.

The hiring process is a step-by-step process, involving identifying needs, recruitment, hiring, and employee onboarding. Although most companies will have their own hiring process, you included, there are common steps that formulate the backbone. These common steps are detailed below.

Steps have been adapted from SmartRecruiters.

We have 48 free to use checklists for every stage of your hiring process, giving you full control and management, leaving no rock unturned.

It is important to bear in mind that specific details of the hiring process are unique to each company. Details have been removed from the below steps for broad application

Hiring process step 1: New hire checklists to identify the hiring need

Hiring process step 2: New hire checklists to devise a recruitment plan

Hiring process step 3: New hire checklists to write a job description

Hiring process step 4: New hire checklists to advertise and recruit the position

Hiring process step 5: New hire checklists to review applications and start conducting interviews

Hiring process step 6: New hire checklists for application assessment, background, and reference checks

Hiring process step 7: New hire checklists to make your decision, send the job offer and hire your new employee

Hiring process step 8: New hire checklists for employee onboarding

Use Process Street and our new hire checklists today

In this article, we have presented you with 48 (wow) new hire checklists, giving you ultimate control of your hiring processes, for free ( wow, again).

You see, at Process Street, we are all about business process management, helping you gain the control that you need to become successful.

Whether this is assisting you with your marketing operations, your financial procedures, or, like now – insert happy nerd-face πŸ€“ – your hiring processes.

We do this by providing you with state-of-the-art technology in the form of digitized checklists.

Our checklists are not like ordinary checklists.


Process Street is superpowered checklists.

How are our checklists superpowered?

Our checklists have been designed, adapted and refined to suit this modern business world. Our checklists have features such as:

  • Stop tasks, to ensure task order
  • Dynamic due dates, so no deadline is missed
  • Conditional logic, creating a dynamic template that caters to your needs
  • Role assignments, to ease task delegation within your team
  • Approvals, allowing decision-makers to give the go-ahead (or rejection) on important items, in addition to providing comments as necessary

If you are new to Process Street and want to know more about what we do, watch our Monthly Webinar: An Introduction to Process Street for further insight.

Sign up to Process Street for free here

Take back control, use Process Street and our 48 new hire checklists to perfect your hiring processes

In this article we have:

  1. Defined what a new hire checklist is
  2. Discussed the importance of having a new hire checklist to optimize and perfect your hiring process
  3. Provided you with 48 new hire checklists, which are free and ready for you to jump in and use right away

Your employees are your greatest assets. Hiring the right team, and taking the time needed to train, and fully integrate your new hires is critical. With the resources available in this article, there is no reason for you to not implement the best hiring processes.

However, investing in your greatest assets – hello employees – does not start and stop at your hiring processes. Luckily for you, this is something we at Process Street recognize. That is why I have detailed more Process Street resources to help you foster a stronger team.

Have you experienced a hiring horror story in your business? If so, what was the cause and what was the consequence? Are there any new hire checklists you need, that are not provided in this article? Please comment in the section below, we would love to hear from you!

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