Ninja Workflow for Capturing, Annotating and Uploading Screenshots in Seconds

Fast Screenshot Workflow Using Jink

In this video I explain my workflow for capturing, annotating (marking up with arrows and text) and uploading screenshots to Process Street in seconds.

I can add a screenshot to Process Street very quickly. This workflow is so fast, taking screenshots and adding instructions becomes an absolute pleasure.

And the best part? Its using an absolutely free tool – Jing from TechSmith.



Watch the below video to see how its done.


Tools mentioned:
Video Highlights

0:30 – Example of workflow to create screenshot in Jing, markup and add to Process Street in seconds
1:25 – Breakdown of how to configure the workflow in detail
1:30 – Create steps in Process Street
1:40 – Use Jing to take screenshot and markup
3:10 – Using the Screenshots folder in Windows 8
3:45 – Configuring Jing for fast saving
4:50 – Sorting Screenshots folder by date so most recent images are always at top

This is how I currently manage my screenshots. If you know any other methods, I’d love to hear them.

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