Social Marketing Tips From Getting 2,200,000 Views & 18,500 Followers

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we speak to Amy Schmittauer – the founder of Savvy Sexy Social, the home of her hugely successful vlogs which have amassed over 2,200,000 views.

amy schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer runs a YouTube channel with over 2,200,000 views and a membership site to help others have the same success with personal branding and video marketing…

The crazy thing about it all is that she doesn’t even have a team. Amy does 95% of the work you see by herself, which obviously means she has some insanely efficient systems in place that you need to hear about it if you’re interested in systemizing your marketing, social, or branding.

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“I got a 45% open rate on this email subject, and I couldn’t believe it. It’s just about being a human being” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • How Amy built a video marketing empire and got over 2,200,000 views
  • The compounding effect of video SEO
  • Why some videos get a ton of views out of nowhere
  • The systems in place behind Amy’s video creation strategy
  • Blocking out days of the week to create a content calendar
  • How to catch up with batch recording videos one week ahead
  • Planning content around which call to action you want to push to your audience
  • How to edit so you don’t even need a script
  • Using cues on your mobile to keep you on track
  • Why it doesn’t matter what camera you use
  • How to use YouTube comments to generate a ton of content ideas
  • Where to store your content ideas so you don’t lose them all the time
  • Leverage organic traffic to keep a stream of traffic going to your most recent videos
  • What to supplement natural lighting with when you’re shooting video
  • The best time of the day to record a video
  • How to cut your videos quickly and make sure there’s no audio hiccups
  • Keeping your audience’s eyes engaged (because they get bored after 2 minutes)
  • The two main social platforms Amy uses to get massive traffic
  • A Facebook video hack to get massive engagement
  • Why YouTube videos work so badly on Facebook
  • How Amy makes sure she doesn’t make a mess, all while running a one-woman operation
  • Amy’s strategy for building her list
  • How Amy promotes her three weekly videos
  • Why Amy doesn’t blog
  • The subject line of the email Amy sent that cracked her up the most and got a huge open rate

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