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Who resolved to read more this year? ✋

Who actually has?

Let’s be honest: you’re never actually going to make it through that folder of bookmarked articles you’ve been collecting since last year. Hey – not judging. I’ve been cultivating my own To Be Read monolith for months.

So what’s the deal? How do you catch up with all those industry insights, actionable advice articles, and entrepreneurial retrospectives when there never seems to be any time to, y’know, read?

Simple: let us read them for you.

Introducing Tech Out Loud – the coolest podcast around bringing those must-read articles directly into your waiting ears.

You’re short on time, so listen up as we quickly run through:

Sound interesting?

Tech Out Loud: Why it’s for you

Tech Out Loud is Process Street’s new weekly podcast series… with a twist.

Every episode of Tech Out Loud brings you interesting, relevant, and timely articles written by respected industry leaders such as Peep Laja, Sujan Patel, Tomasz Tunguz, and more!

In 20 minutes or less, you can catch up on all the best tech articles while you’re working out at the gym, in your car driving, cooking up a storm, or even when you’re out, walking the dog.

Not only that, but you get a quick summary right at the start so there’s no worry about wasting time on an article that isn’t what you thought it was (yeah, we’ve all been there).

What’s on offer?

Our first 3 episodes are out now so head over to your favorite podcast provider and listen to the wise words of Hiten Shah, Noah Kagan, and Christoph Janz.

Episode 1:

How To Grow Your Startup By Asking Better Questions
Learn more about Hiten Shah’s strategy to maximize limited resources with rapid, effective decision-making.

Episode 2:

What I Learned Growing an 8-Figure Business
Noah Kagan reveals 11 actionable steps he perfected while growing Sumo and AppSumo throughout his career.

Episode 3:

Five Ways to Build a $100 Million Business
Go hunting with Christoph Janz for the best ways to make your internet business worth millions.

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If you have articles that you’re desperate to read but don’t have time for, put them in the comments below and we can get them onto the next season on Tech Out Loud.

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