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Creating a Magical New Hire Onboarding Experience (Employee Onboarding Podcast)

We’re kicking off Season 2 of our Employee Onboarding Podcast with resident new hire onboarding experience experts Ashley Chain & Erin Rice discussing thought leadership in employee onboarding.

In this episode, Process Street’s Erin Rice (People Operations Coordinator) and Ashley Chain (Director of People & Operations) discuss the key components of what makes an awesome onboarding experience, as well as details and insights of Process Street’s own internal onboarding process.

Listen now (or read on) for intel on topics like:

  • How to align company and departmental onboarding.
  • Creating processes to wow new hires.
  • Empowering new hires with actionable training material.
  • What are the intangible aspects of new hire onboarding?
  • How do you create a truly magical onboarding experience?

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Masters of Process Episode 1: On Deck with Michael Gill and Curtis Cummings

Masters-of-Process-Episode-1In our first episode, we join with two of the team from On Deck, Michael Gill and Curtis Cummings. They join our hosts Philip Lakin and Blake Bailey to give us their insight into where no-code can take new startups and how you can use it to iterate at lightning-fast speeds internally.

Masters of Process brings you the no-code revolution in full. Join us as we meet with top innovators in the space and explore how they are reinventing the way a modern business operates. Brought to you by industry insiders from No Code Ops and Process Street, each half hour episode is a goldmine of productivity, products, and scaling.

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Tech Out Loud: The Best Tech Posts Delivered Straight To Your Ears

tech out loud

Who resolved to read more this year? ✋

Who actually has? 🙈

Let’s be honest: you’re never actually going to make it through that folder of bookmarked articles you’ve been collecting since last year. Hey – not judging. I’ve been cultivating my own To Be Read monolith for months.

So what’s the deal? How do you catch up with all those industry insights, actionable advice articles, and entrepreneurial retrospectives when there never seems to be any time to, y’know, read?

Simple: let us read them for you.

Introducing Tech Out Loud – the coolest podcast around bringing those must-read articles directly into your waiting ears.
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21 Best Business Podcasts: Process Street Team Picks

entrepreneur podcasts

Podcasts are like hacks for your everyday life. They allow you to passively improve your knowledge and gain valuable insight into almost any topic you could imagine, whilst doing pretty much anything.

All of that time spent walking to the store, commuting to work, preparing a meal, working out; it’s all time you could be utilizing to improve yourself and your business.

This article is a selection of the best business podcasts from our team at Process Street; we’d recommend them to anyone looking to devote themselves to self improvement, stay sharp and keep pace with the cutting edge of business trends and insights.

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The 31 Best Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Podcasts are an awesome way to passively expand your knowledge, especially while you’re walking, in the car, on the train, or doing work that doesn’t require a ton of mental energy.

At Process Street, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts that we personally listen to and would recommend to anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and startups.

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How to Be More Efficient at Work

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk to Zachary Sexton, host of The Productivity Show for Asian Efficiency.


Whether you’re a maker or a manager, you could use a little more efficiency at work. It’s not like you’re choosing to goof off and doing a Homer Simpson, but you might be spending way too much time on email or less important work.

But how do you know? What really is the most important task for today?

We’ve looked at this topic a lot on the Process Street blog, but today it’s a focus on improving efficiency at work from the perspective of building a culture of productivity in your workplace.

Zachary tells us the tools, systems and methods he’s learned while running Asian Efficiency’s Productivity Show and the Buckets consultancy.

Listen to this week’s episode to supercharge your productivity, and find out what to do when you have a few bad days in a row.

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Kate Erickson on Niche Marketing, Content Creation and Managing a Virtual Team

In this episode of Business Systems Explored we speak to Kate Erickson of the fantastic Entrepreneur on Fire.


Kate’s talking to us about how her content helped propel EOFire to one of the biggest podcasts ever made, and how she’s about to do it all over again with her new blog, Kate’s Take. Kate lets us in on her marketing processes for creating high quality, actionable resources and how she makes damn well sure these resources are a perfect market fit.

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The Master of Building and Managing Virtual Teams Reveals His Tested Methods

In this episode of Business Systems Explored we speak to Chris Ducker – virtual CEO, keynote speaker and best selling author.

BSE Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker became one of the best-known British businesspeople when he popularized the idea of virtual teams. Mostly every company has VAs these days, but back in 2009, they weren’t readily available. When Chris suffered a shattering burnout, he reinvented himself as a virtual CEO and started to replace himself in his business.

With all of the experience gained, he then set up Virtual Staff Finder — a service where CEOs in need of virtual team members can go to hire VAs that have been thoroughly screened and trained before being accepted into the program. Virtual Staff Finder has linked 4300 virtual team members to companies and expanded to the point where Chris now has over 400 employees.

Chris knows that a solid team is the most important part of any business — especially if the CEO is going to stay sane. 

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How to Build a Kick-Ass Outbound Sales Team for Your Startup

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Steli Efti, CEO of Close, a sales and CRM platform.

Listening to Steli Efti is like soaking in the most intense sales wisdom you’ll ever hear.

He’s a born salesman, and this interview is full of his detailed processes and quick-fire tips. From building, scaling and maintaining a sales team to generating outbound sales leads and closing deals, Steli lets us in on techniques that have helped him build the successful Close from (surprise surprise) an outbound sales service to a CRM.

He explains his “AQC” model for measuring the effectiveness of outbound sales, and how many cold calls you need to make every day to get results. I really loved hearing about testing whether it’s your leads that aren’t qualified or whether your sales pitch just sucks.

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“Qualify, pitch, manage objections then go for the close. It’s a process, not rocket science” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • Steli reveals best practices and processes for building a killer sales team
  • What types of companies should bother implementing a sales team
  • Why Close don’t do outbound sales any more
  • Setting up an inbound sales machine
  • When to set up a sales team, and when not to
  • Using outbound sales as market research and pure hustle
  • Getting your first customer with outbound sales
  • A solid framework for outbound sales explained
  • Estimating the actual lifetime value of a customer to see if you need a sales team
  • Back-of-the-napkin math for calculating the cost of outbound sales
  • When it’s okay to pay $2 to get $1 back
  • A quick trick you can use to make outbound sales way more profitable
  • Identifying your ideal customer, and judging how hard it will be to implement outbound sales to go after them
  • The most overlooked ground rule of outbound sales
  • How to answer the question “does this scale?”
  • What to do when you run out of leads
  • Matching ideal customers to lead sources to reel in the best targets
  • Why trusting bought leads is pure stupidity and manual scraping is much more accurate
  • The types of professionals that are the easiest to sell to
  • A rarely used method of generating sales leads
  • You’ve got leads. What now?
  • Implementing a system to get consistent demos, meetings and sales
  • Planning out a month of sales activity in advance
  • The importance of testing constantly: emails, cold calls, offers.
  • Why 99.9% of outbound campaigns are high volume
  • What does ‘high volume’ mean? How many cold calls or emails is that per day?
  • Developing a minimum viable pitch
  • Overcoming the fear of sales
  • The most important outbound sales metrics to track when cold calling and emailing
  • Calculating your “reach rate” to measure your sale team’s effectiveness
  • The simple way to find out if a lead is qualified
  • Finding out if your leads are the problem, or if your pitch just sucks
  • Creating a list of common objections to close more deals
  • Why you should follow up forever

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How to Start a Podcast and Get 1,400,000 Downloads: Jon Nastor Explains, from Recording to Promoting

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Hack the Entrepreneur’s Jon Nastor about starting a podcast and getting 1,400,000 downloads. 


Podcaster Jon Nastor has been host of Hack the Entrepreneur (HTE) since 2015, and between then and now his podcast has quickly become a runaway success.

From a few tentative early episodes to 1.4 million downloads, HTE has exploded. How did Jon do it?

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