The Master of Building and Managing Virtual Teams Reveals His Tested Methods

In this episode of Business Systems Explored we speak to Chris Ducker – virtual CEO, keynote speaker and best selling author.

BSE Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker became one of the best-known British businesspeople when he popularized the idea of virtual teams. Mostly every company has VAs these days, but back in 2009, they weren’t readily available. When Chris suffered a shattering burnout, he reinvented himself as a virtual CEO and started to replace himself in his business.

With all of the experience gained, he then set up Virtual Staff Finder — a service where CEOs in need of virtual team members can go to hire VAs that have been thoroughly screened and trained before being accepted into the program. Virtual Staff Finder has linked 4300 virtual team members to companies and expanded to the point where Chris now has over 400 employees.

Chris knows that a solid team is the most important part of any business — especially if the CEO is going to stay sane. 

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Show notes

  • Why Chris pushes himself the hardest the first week of the year.
  • How Chris built his life to work 6 hours a day, 4 days a week
  • Why outsourcing isn’t the ‘magic bullet’.
  • Why The Four Hour Workweek had a bad effect on the business world.
  • Chris tells us about how he’s the most well-connected international businessman in the Philipines
  • Chris has helped over 4300 VAs find full-time jobs
  • Making sure that the people you hire aren’t going to be a waste of space
  • How Chris manages over 400 people
  • The thing you need to understand before you can even consider hiring a remote team
  • Why your team — not customers or clients — are the most important part of your business
  • Which type of business owners most need virtual teams
  • The ‘3 column, 3 sheet’ method you should use to figure out what needs delegating
  • How atrocious web design first showed Chris the importance of outsourcing
  • The dangers of your ‘maker mentality’ taking over in your business
  • How to decide whether you should hire someone locally or virtually for a particular position
  • Why hiring a developer remotely is a better option
  • Big mistakes to avoid when delegating tasks
  • What’s caused VA salaries to rise 166% in 5 years
  • The biggest mistakes people make when outsourcing
  • How you know when your office team needs to go virtual
  • Why Slack is one of the best apps on the planet
  • Why managers like Chris should stay far away from reports and dashboards

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