How Hatch Canada Uses Process Street to Handle its Growth

Hatch Canada Process Street case study headerHatch Canada has been a long time member of the Process Street community and utilizes our platform to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes. We spoke with CEO Peter Kuperman about how Process Street is utilized within the business.

The Hatch Canada story

While children grow up with iPads and computers, their classes in school too often focus on the same areas as they did 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Hatch is on the forefront of changing that approach.

Hatch is committed to opening up technology to everyone, and providing an opportunity to understand what’s inside the machines kids already interact with daily.

Hatch Canada presentationNot simply a coding school, Hatch is dispersed across Canada and is able to boast that it’s a 100+ person company.

The aim is to making learning fun.

Hatch uses Process Street for:

  • Recruiting large numbers of staff
  • Managing sales processes
  • Waste management
  • Center maintenance
  • Marketing practices for each center
  • Trial classes for new courses

Hatch has benefited from implementing Process Street by:

  • Saving time across operations
  • Standardizing operations across sites
  • Allowing them to follow the Checklist Manifesto ethos
  • Enabling faster decisions thanks to progress monitoring


By centering the coding education around a sense of community, Hatch teaches kids teamwork and collaboration alongside the practical skills required to build a website.

With children participating in their programs from as young as 7 years old, Hatch is able to tap into children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to be creative. The programs top out at age 17, providing students with the skills to continue their study on to college.

Hatch’s methodology oozes the kind of start-up culture which it was born out of. Children aren’t forced to hit their targets or face long boring exams.

The emphasis instead is on self-paced learning, freedom to specialize and aim for mastery, understanding the potential of self-development, and embracing a strong diverse community to provide enjoyment in the process.

This values-based approach emphasizes a more human way of learning.

The students will be able to walk away with practical skills, like being able to write in a range of different programming languages. They’ll be taught critical thinking skills which will be applicable in any field they choose to go into. Ultimately, they’ll have developed a portfolio of their own work; an achievement which demonstrates to them their abilities and reinforces their academic confidence.
Hatch Canada teamwork

Growing their business with Process Street

Hatch uses Process Street for a host of their internal operations. Peter wants to expand in future their use of Process Street across other areas of the business as it continues to grow.

One key use case Hatch has experienced so far is the recruiting process. “We have a large recruiting pipeline for part-time university students. Every time we have a candidate we initiate a process to recruit that candidate. We have a whole bunch of things in here we’re using.”

Hatch provides opportunities for college students to assist in the teaching of the youngsters, and often take on large numbers of these helpers. In peak recruitment season, they could be running 400 checklists from the same recruitment template all at once!

The next step for Hatch is to employ processes more within sales operations. “We want to build sales processes so we’re working on that as well. We really like Process Street.”

The key driver which sent Peter to Process Street was the recognition that we both feel checklist based working is an incredibly effective way of pulling an organization together. “I really like the Checklist Manifesto. I started reading and it was obvious you were following the same philosophy. And I really wanted to run a checklist manifesto company. I really wanted to run my business through checklists, and you guys had software which delivered that service.”

“Recruiting is the big thing. Every person we hire we put into a Process Street process. One time we had 400 in the summer.”


We asked Peter what Process Street has given the Hatch team which has been most beneficial in helping them organize their business.

“Time. One of our most expensive processes is our recruitment and using the process to help us view different candidates in which cycle in which process. And knowing which part of the process each candidate is in has probably reduced the amount of time we need to spend per applicant – and make quicker decisions on which candidate pushes through to the next stage. So it’s time for us, in the sense that reducing time has helped us cut costs. Whatever we do have a process for, it is saving us a lot of time. It does make our place more productive.”

This challenge of running effective recruiting is one every company faces (you can find a sample recruitment process here). Because Hatch employs so many people they need recruitment processes which work well in bulk. However, Hatch uses Process Street for much more than just recruitment. The longer Hatch has been within our platform, the more use cases Peter and his team are discovering.

“Every time we have a candidate we initiate a process to recruit that candidate. We have a whole bunch of things in here we’re using. We have one set of processes called center maintenance and another set called marketing at centers. We’re putting together our trial classes in Process Street as well. For people to join hatch, we offer a free 90-minute trial class, so we’re integrating into the sales pipeline. Create account, email confirmation, remind email, follow up, etc, so we’re using it for conversion too.”

Hatch Canada learners

Taking it to the next level

It’s also clear to Hatch, as it has been to many of our users, that Process Street shines more as companies expand. Once you have to offload your work onto others, it can be difficult to keep things organized.

“As the business scales and we have multiple employees and multiple locations, especially as they’re geographically distant from each other, we have location managers in different zip codes. We want to make sure the different processes are standardized. That’s really important to us because we know that standardized processes bring results.”

Peter wants to use Process Street to manage Hatch’s growth and make sure the team can see the same high levels of quality at each location they choose to operate in. This is a common use case for Process Street as companies expand and the company management begins to be less hands-on. Keeping the optimum processes standardized across all operations means companies can achieve the goals they set out to accomplish.

We really look forward to seeing where Hatch goes next, and what lies ahead for the future.

Check out some of the kids’ interactive work here!

Hopefully, Process Street can stand by to support both Hatch and their little youngsters as we all learn together!

“That’s really important to us because we know that standardized processes bring results.”

Hatch Canada Process Street Peter Kuperman CEO

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