Zonos Streamlined Customer Onboarding and Slashed Implementation Time by 40% with Process Street

Zonos is a software company headquartered in St. George, Utah, whose software allows businesses to automate the complexities of international e-commerce. This includes automating the calculation, collection, and remittance of duties and taxes.

The software company makes it easy for international shoppers to make purchases on websites with language and currency localization and the ability to prepay duties and taxes. Zonos also automates cross-border compliance and HS code generation.

Although the company strived to improve their customers’ international shopping experience, they faced challenges when getting these clients up and running with their software. Especially those with complex software integrations that varied in requirements. 

The previous system Zonos used for their customer onboarding was clunky and lacked the flexibility they needed, making the experience cumbersome and inefficient. This prompted Zonos to seek a more dynamic and user-friendly solution. That solution turned out to be Process Street.

In this case study, we’re covering:

Challenges faced by Zonos 

Before leveraging Process Street, Zonos faced multiple challenges:

  • Complexity of onboarding: Zonos’ products required varied and complex integrations. Their previous onboarding tool was too rigid and cumbersome, complicating the process.
  • Lack of customization and visibility: Their previous system lacked the necessary customization and visibility, making it hard to track progress and requirements.
  • Inefficient document management: Having to hyperlink documents and videos created an inefficient process requiring customers to switch between tabs.

Benefits gained by implementing Process Street

Process Street provided solutions through dynamic workflows, seamless integrations, embedded documents and videos, and clear task visibility. This helped Zonos benefit from:

Improved customization and ease of use

Before Process Street, Zonos had relied on a different onboarding software which fell short in customization and ease of use.

Seamless integration of documents and videos

With Process Street, Zonos achieved exactly that. The ability to embed documents and videos directly into tasks transformed their onboarding process.

Significant reduction in onboarding time

The results speak for themselves.

Enhanced efficiency for complex integrations

At Zonos, the onboarding process involves complex integrations that often take several months to complete.

Continuous improvement through user feedback

Emilee handles the creation and iteration of the workflows, taking on feedback from the onboarding team and clients to continuously refine the processes.

Results: How Process Street transformed Zonos’ onboarding process

Process Street has not just met but exceeded Zonos’ goals, underscoring the real, transformative power of effective process management technology. 

Zonos has significantly reduced onboarding time, streamlined complex workflows, centralized documentation, and improved customer satisfaction with a more intuitive onboarding process.

Here’s how: 

Reduced onboarding time 

Onboarding times were slashed, with workflows taking less time to complete, benefiting both Zonos and their clients.

Clear and intuitive

Customers and the onboarding team now experience a straightforward process with all necessary documents and steps neatly embedded in the tasks. 

Efficient task management

Conditional logic and checklist views eliminated the previously messy Kanban system, providing clarity and reducing errors. 

Enhanced integration

Using Zapier, Zonos seamlessly integrated Process Street with existing tools, maintaining clean data transfer and task automation. Since doing this, their client feedback has significantly improved. 

Zonos achieved continuous improvement with Process Street 

Zonos uses Process Street for:

  • Customer onboarding for multiple product lines
  • Integrating documents and videos into onboarding tasks
  • Automating notifications and task assignments through Slack and Zapier
  • Gathering feedback through post-onboarding surveys

While their current primary use of Process Street is for client onboarding, Zonos sees potential for expanding its use. 

In terms of overall impact, Zonos has experienced fewer errors and more efficient task management. 

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