Cold Emailing Sales Tips from the Founder of PersistIQ

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk B2B sales with the CEO and cofounder of PersistIQ, Pouyan Salehi.


Cold emailing isn’t just blasting huge lists of random leads. That’s the kind of thinking that ruins your brand and throws your list of prospects out the window. In fact, it’s possible with a small list and just one salesperson, especially if you have the right tools and attitude.

In this episode, we talk to CEO and co-founder of PersistIQ on how to build a cold emailing sales system from scratch, how to optimize it, and how to know if it’s working. You might be doing cold outreach already and be looking to make it better, or maybe you’re only focusing on inbound.

Listen to this episode and find out the mechanics of selling with cold email, and how some companies have used it to rocket their businesses to 9 figures.

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“If you’re doing outbound sales wrong, you’re burning through leads and hurting your brand.” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • Drilling down on exactly how to build an outbound B2B sales email system
  • Lead generation tips from the CEO of PersistIQ
  • Going from a spreadsheet of 2,000 leads to contacting them and getting sales
  • Who should do outbound sales, and why they should do it
  • Doing outbound sales so it’s more effective than inbound
  • What are you going after when you cold contact a lead?
  • On just getting prospects to respond, nothing else
  • Outbound sales is not just blasting people over and over again
  • Combining outbound sales with content marketing
  • Tips for tripling your response rate
  • Using B2B outbound sales systems for inbound leads
  • Are some types of businesses better suited to B2B outbound strategies?
  • When one salesperson can do the work of five
  • Why contacting less prospects can up your success rate
  • Building a sales team and outbound process around your business size
  • How to handle the balance between high-touch and transactional sales
  • The minimum time you should test a sales system for before tweaking it
  • Designing an effective outbound sales campaign
  • The art of following up
  • Why ‘what’s the best place to find leads?’ is the wrong question
  • Six lead generation tools you need to test
  • Adjusting your messaging to target different job titles in a company
  • Using content to improve your follow-up cycle
  • The worst follow-up tactics you can use
  • The minimum number of touch points you should aim for
  • Targeting managers for an intro when going after a specific team member
  • Everyone’s bored with ‘quick question’ as a subject line
  • Best practice structures for better subject lines
  • Using LinkedIn and VAs to build lead lists
  • Experimenting with campaign structure and templates
  • The wrong way to start an email that will kill the conversation before it begins
  • The kinds of people that will be more responsive at the weekend
  • Why open rates aren’t worth bothering with as success metrics
  • The ethics around cold emailing

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