Sales Processes: 20 Checklists to Increase Sales in Your Business and Perfect Your Sales Process

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For sales professionals today, only 34% of their time is spent selling.

This begs the question, what are they doing for the remaining 66% of the time?

Sales teams struggling to keep up with data entry, quote generation, and other tasks drag sales reps away from potential leads. As such, 54% are expected to miss their quotas every year.

What you need are optimized sales processes that outline the best sale practices drawing from up-to-date research and findings.

This is where Process Street comes to save the day.

In this article, you’ll find 20 structured sales processes based on industry best practices which you can access for free. Simply click Edit Checklist to add any process to your Process Street account, so you can start supercharging your sales process today!

For a quick taster, check out our MEDDIC Sales Process Checklist Template below:

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With that said, let’s get started!

What are sales processes? And why it is important to have an established sales process

A sales process is a set of repeatable steps a salesperson will follow to take a prospective buyer from the early awareness stage to closing the sale.

Typical sales processes will focus on any one of the following 5-7 steps: Prospecting, preparation, approach, presentation, handling objections, closing, and follow-up.

Sales processes are important to your business to promote consistent revenue generation and growth. Other reasons as to why you should have established sales processes include – as stated by act!365:

  • Efficiency improvements
  • Better organization
  • Increased revenue and forecasting accuracy
  • Continuous improvements

A failing sales team means falling revenue. To thrive in your industry you need to be creating new leads and closing those leads. This is why we’ve put together these 20 checklists focused around outbound sales practices to help you create more sales opportunities and bring in higher revenue.

Our top 20 free sales processes

Below we have listed our top 20 sales processes, free and ready for you to use right away.

Within these templates, you’ll find overviews of CRMs and how they can be integrated within Process Street to help automate your team. Combining your sales processes with a CRM system allows you to not only monitor the workflow in Process Street but also to be able to measure all output as well.

The MEDDIC Sales Process Checklist

MEDDIC is one of the most prominent sales methodologies use in the B2B & SaaS markets. It stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Process, Decision Criteria, Identify Pain, Champion. It helps to make sure that sales leads are qualified properly as well as quickly, no matter if you’re new to sales or you’re a seasoned pro.

We’ve created this template with our advanced features of Conditional Logic, Stop Tasks, and Approvals, and Role Assignments makes the whole flow streamlined and easy.

Click here to access our MEDDIC Sales Process Checklist Template!

Sales Training Process Checklist

Hiring new staff is meant to give an injection of productivity and new ideas into your company. Hiring sales team members is a proven way to scale your business and drive the success of the company. But if you aren’t training your new hires effectively then you’ll waste this opportunity. Put time and effort into your trainees using our
Sales Training Process Checklist and they will pay you back by generating leads and closing sales.

We’ve created this 90-day process to help you turn your fresh-faced newbie to a professional deal closer. Go through week by week, from learning the phones to presenting at conferences.

Click here to access our Sales Training Process Checklist!

Weekly Sales Prospecting Checklist

Sales prospecting is a vital task in any outbound sales team. It’s the front line in the trenches battling for your potential customers. If you can’t locate clients you can’t close clients.

It’s as simple as that.

This Weekly Sales Prospecting Checklist guides a prospector through their role on a week by week basis, allowing you to monitor the way the first step of your funnel is being run. With an explanation of how to use Linkedin’s Sales Navigator to tips on how to make the most from Twitter’s Advanced Search, this process will keep your team on track.

Click here to access our Weekly Sales Prospecting Checklist!

Cold Calling Checklist

Cold calling is as much an art as a science. There are different theories about the best ways to approach it. Fortunately, we decided to cover a number of them within this Cold Calling Checklist to help you decide which approach is best for your business.

Precision and timing are key to successful cold calling:

Cold-calling has what I refer to as a “7 Second Rule.” This means that upon cold-calling a new prospect you, as a sales professional, have about 7 seconds to differentiate yourself from every other company or competing sales individual who is contacting this person on a daily basis“. – Ken Sunheim – Money Generating Cold-Calling, The 7 Second Rule

This is why our checklist has been geared to encourage you to update and improve the process as you use it – learning from each call.

Click here to access our Cold Calling Checklist!

BANT Sales Qualification Call Process

This one’s a little special.

This BANT Sales Qualification Call Process is our internal Sales Qualification Call Process here at Process Street. It uses the IBM process BANT to qualify our potential clients.

BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. This gives you crucial information to know you have the right client in the pipeline.

Click here to access our BANT Sales Qualification Call Process!

Sales Presentation Template

We’ve all been there. You have a big presentation coming up and you’re struggling to pull your presentation together.

Well, struggle no more.

Our Sales Presentation Template helps you create the right sales presentation for your business. From selecting your Buyer Persona to constructing a compelling narrative, this checklist will walk you through the process in an easy to follow way.

Filled with useful links and further reading, this process can help breakdown a daunting task into manageable chunks.

Click here to access our Sales Presentation Template!

Sales Pitch Planning Checklist

Once you’ve written your sales presentation you have to face the reality of delivering it.

This Sales Pitch Planning Checklist is geared towards a sales pitch to a boardroom or a conference. A big event that is likely to be of great importance to your business.

It contains some tips and tricks for public speaking, things to know about your audience, and widgets to help your team members collaborate with you to make your pitch the best it can be.

Click here to get the Sales Pitch Planning Checklist!

Closing The Sale Checklist

Your sales pipeline has to lead you up to this point. You’re sat opposite the client with the hopes of the company on your shoulders – don’t screw it up.

No pressure.

This Closing The Sales Checklist provides informative guides to help you close deals with a host of recommended further reading. More than this, the checklist will run you through all the administrative elements of closing a sale to make sure you don’t miss anything. This process is geared to help you transition from a sale to a successful client relationship.

Click here to access our Closing The Sale Checklist!

Order Processing Checklist

Effective sales order processing makes certain that the client receives what you sold them, and is happy with it.

This Order Processing Checklist contains a number of widgets that help you contact all the relevant people in the order processing flow. From confirming times and dates with clients to doing the same with delivery companies.

The key element in order processing is to record all the right information and to convey that to each person in the process.

Click here to access our Order Processing Checklist!

Monthly Sales Report

Another successful month completed.

Before you pat yourself on the back you need to know how successful the month has been and where you have room for improvement.

This is where the Monthly Sales Report comes into play. This process guides you through analyzing your team performance, assessing the pipeline, and creating forecasts.

Use this checklist at the end of every month to review your sales process, problems, and successes.

Click here to access our Monthly Sales Report checklist!.

Churn Prevention Checklist

Churn is often referred to as the SaaS growth killer. Failing to retain customers, particularly high-value customers, has a significant negative impact on revenue that, if not addressed, can stifle growth and ultimately play a large role in forcing a company to close its doors.

Reduce churn with this Churn Prevention Checklist. This checklist has been designed to help you retain high-value customers, that have expressed a desire to cancel their subscription or are clearly at risk of canceling soon.

Click here to access our Churn Prevention Checklist!

Cold Email Checklist for Sales

Even if your inbound marketing is helping you spark warm conversations with qualified leads, you still want to be sending carefully targeted cold emails to convert your ideal customers.

Our Cold Email Checklist for Sales is based on a guest post we received from Forster Perelsztejn at; an essential part of Forster’s job is helping customers craft cold emails that get clicks and replies.

In this checklist, we draw from Forster’s advice, giving you a series of proven steps that will help you optimize your cold email to get the best chance of conversion before you hit send.

Click here to access our Cold Email Checklist for Sales!

Company Research Checklist

Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople try to push their product or service offering without taking the time to build a solid understanding of who they are selling to, and how their offering aligns with their goals or immediate needs. This is a big mistake. A prospective buyer will likely have little to no interest in working with you if you sound uninformed.

By completing our Company Research Checklist, you’ll ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to research a prospective company and gain a well-rounded understanding of the value you can provide them as they look to grow their organization.

Click here to access our Company Research Checklist!

High Touch Client Onboarding for SaaS Companies

Our High Touch Client Onboarding for SaaS Companies checklist focuses on making sure that recognition of value is delivered, without overwhelming or neglecting the client’s needs. With the mantra of high tech allows for high touch, this checklist template utilizes automation to deal with many of the manual processes that would typically bog you down during the onboarding process, for a robust and scalable solution to all client scenarios.

Click here to access our High Touch Client Onboarding for SaaS Companies checklist!

Investor Pitch

Pitching to investors can be a crucial part of a business’s life cycle. Especially if you’re a new company. Investment from investors can help you develop your product/service further, hire new team members, and more. Investors can also give you valuable advice alongside the cash.

If you’re a startup founder or CEO, having an investor can be beneficial to your business, that’s why over at Process Street we created this Investor Pitch Checklist, to ensure you raise funds.

Click here to access our Investor Pitch Checklist!

Sales Competitive Analysis Checklist

It’s important to know what your competitors do well and what they do not so well, as this helps you determine how you can best position yourself when speaking with prospective buyers.

Use our Sales Competitive Analysis Checklist to guide you through the process of conducting a thorough analysis of a competitor, covering everything from keyword performance to evaluating analyst reports and ultimately integrating your learnings into pitch decks.

Click here to access our Sales Competitive Analysis Checklist!

Sales Forecasting Checklist

According to a research study conducted by Inside Sales, a meager 28% of business deals are forecasted accurately. Nevertheless, sales forecasts are a hugely important component of both individual and overall business performance, as they do at least create a small window to peer through and make strategic plans accordingly.

There are numerous methods to creating a sales forecast, some much more complex than others. Which method you choose is largely dependant on your unique sales process and the amount of data you have at your disposal.

Our Sales Forecasting Checklist is designed to be executed by individual sales reps, account executives, or account managers, and follows the opportunity stage model.

Click here to access our Sales Forecasting Checklist!

Sales Onboarding Checklist

With a strong sales onboarding process, your sales representatives will be set up for success before they even begin selling. According to a study by Leadership IQ, 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months. To rub salt in the wound so to speak, only 19% achieve unequivocal success.

Even if you are bringing in the right talent, you cannot expect rockstar performances without an effective onboarding plan – as this Sales Onboarding Checklist provides.

Run this Sales Onboarding Checklist to hire new sales staff, train them with the required skills and knowledge, instill company values, and show them how to leverage the provided tools of a company.

Click here to access our Sales Onboarding Checklist!

Sales Service Handoff Process

Having a robust process in place to manage the sales to service handoff is critical to ensuring that you are doing everything you can to satisfy your customers and build fruitful, long-term relationships.

Our Sales Service Handoff Process guides you through the process of completing an effective sales to service handoff, so you can focus on growing the account and not get bogged down with easily avoidable issues stemming from poor communication.

Click here to access our Sales Service Handoff Process!

Upselling Process for SaaS Companies

This Upselling Process for SaaS Companies has been designed to guide an account or customer success manager through the process of upgrading an existing customer to a premium tier pricing plan for a subscription SaaS product.

The process is designed to be integrated with a subscription payment processing platform like Chargebee so that the completion of the process automatically changes the subscription status of the client.

Run this checklist when you’ve determined that a customer has the potential to be upgraded to a premium tier product.

Click here to access our Upselling Process for SaaS Companies!

A quick tour of Process Street and the benefits of using our sales processes

Process Street is superpowered checklists.

The sales processes in this article draw from sales practices and strategies proven to be effective. The checklists are designed to be used by anyone in your sales team. It’s a simple case of following the process to execute optimized sales procedures.

By signing up for Process Street and using any one of our sales processes, you are seizing technological advancements via incorporating on-cloud business solutions to manage, sharpen, perfect, and automate your sales workflows. You can see how, by doing this, you will gain a competitive advantage as your sales team focus their productive time for selling.

For more information on how you can automate your sales processes with Process Street, watch the below video!

Our sales processes have been designed using (but not limited to) the following features.

  • Stop tasks to ensure task order.
  • Dynamic due dates, so no deadline is missed.
  • Conditional logic, creating a dynamic template that caters to your needs.
  • Role assignments, to ease task delegation within your team.
  • Approvals, allowing decision-makers to give the go-ahead (or rejection) on important items. Also, the necessary comments can be provided.
  • Webhooks, so apps can send out automated messages or information directly to other apps. A great feature keeping your other tools notified about the status of checklists and tasks in Process Street.
  • Task assignments, to assign users and groups to individual tasks in your checklists, making it easy to see who is responsible for what.
  • Embed Widget allowing you to view and interact with other apps without leaving your checklist.

Use Process Street to perfect your sales processes today with our top 20 sales checklists

Using our sales processes will help you streamline your sales funnel and drive in more sales for a healthier bottom-line. Each one of these processes is free and ready for you to use today!

Simply sign up to Process Street to get started!

Looking for other checklists? Perhaps you need to smooth out your processes for your client onboarding? Or, you need to improve your human resources processes?

Take a peek at some of the other checklist packs below to see which ones you can implement in your business.

Start using all these checklists and more, improving your sales processes, and closing more deals. Go get ’em!

How do you perfect your sales processes? What success and challenges have you faced? We would love to hear from you, so please comment below. Who knows, you may even get featured in an upcoming article!

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