How to Master Conversion Rate Optimization with Tim Paige of LeadPages

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we speak to Tim Paige, of LeadPages, about the tactics he’s used to help LeadPages grow to an impressive 40,000 customers, and 170 employees.

tim paige

Tim Paige is the Senior Conversion Educator at LeadPages and the host of Conversion Cast, a podcast for performance focused marketers. Since joining LeadPages, he has hosted over 400 live webinars and recorded over 100 episodes of his podcast.

Tim shares his journey from door-to-door vacuum salesman to a marketer that helps LeadPages get tens of thousands of customers, and rips apart the systems he used along the way. We learn about a different approach to the 80/20 rule and why there’s another hidden rule there that’s just as important.

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“Talking reductively, not focusing on conversion is like going up to a girl at the bar and saying ‘will you marry me?'” (tweet this)

Show notes

  • The system Tim uses to convert a lead, from the first interaction to the sale
  • Why lead generation is a series of individual tactics, not a ‘strategy’
  • Treating individual leads differently, depending on the channel
  • Why it’s important to invest in converting visitors to leads, not just sales instantly
  • The business mistake as ridiculous as proposing to someone you don’t know
  • The place leads are most likely to engage, and build trust with you
  • Sparking and progressing a conversation with your leads
  • A different look at the 80/20 rule, learned from selling vacuums door-to-door
  • Grabbing the 80% of the target market, not settling on the 20%
  • Why there are different kinds of products that lend themselves better to converting and nurturing leads
  • The one business that doesn’t benefit from building an email list
  • Strategies to capture leads, and strategies to convert them
  • Tim’s 2 favorite ways to generate leads
  • Why no business has any excuse to ignore blogging
  • Why businesses with content marketing will always win in the end
  • The single biggest source of highly targeted emails for your list
  • The one stupid mistake people make with free ebooks that wastes their audience’s time
  • The one type of content upgrade that has generate leads like crazy
  • Going from 0.5% site-wide opt-in to 10% in just 30 days
  • The strategy and guest blogging slot that got Process Street an 18% conversion rate from views to signups
  • What the hell a value bomb reverse squeeze page is, and how to use it to build a massive list
  • A psychological landing page trick that drives huge conversions
  • Why LeadPages consolidated all of their marketing material into one page
  • Landing pages aren’t supposed to rank… but they can, if you use a particular method
  • A video course isn’t something to sell it’s the perfect marketing tool
  • How to generate and convert leads with podcasts … and how not to
  • Getting leads via text message, and why it works so well
  • The insanely effective funnel with a 99.8% conversion rate
  • Tim shoots off a few quick-fire tips to help you craft high-converting landing page copy

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