Fresh from the Lab: Activity Feed, New Sidebar, Drag and Drop Tasks and More..

Lots of updates from the Process Street lab, check ’em…

The Beginning of the Activity Feed!

Added ability to see who created and updated a process (click the drop-down arrow above the top task in a process document or job).

Process Street Activity LogThere are currently two different feeds:

Manage Template – This shows overall activity of the template
Manage Checklist – This shows activity of just that particular job

Checklist Activity LogIn the not-too-far future, we will include complete activity feeds including data points like the person, time, date and location for the below:

  • Document created
  • Document edited
  • Document archived
  • Job created
  • Job completed
  • Job archived
  • Task marked completed
  • Task unmarked completed
  • Comment left
  • File attached

You will be able to click directly on the person/activity and be taken straight there.

These activity feeds will then grow out to team and organization level activity feeds, so you can get a birds eye view of what is happening across your team.

Sidebar Redesign

We have completely redesigned the sidebar as you can see from the below image:

Not only have we updated how the sidebar looks, but the way it works is much smoother.

Drag and drop tasks

You now have the ability to drag and drop tasks to re-order them. Just click and grab the grip bar on the left side of the task, it works the same way as your favorite apps such as gmail.

Delete Organizations

You can now delete additional organizations. To do so, you must first remove everyone from the organization in the settings panel, then remove yourself by clicking the ‘x’ on the Organizations screen:

LeaveOrganizationCopy documents

You can now copy your own documents, plus copy documents from the example documents! Just click on the dropdown arrow next to the document and click “Duplicate”.

Delete documents

You can now delete documents that you no longer want. To delete a document, first archive it. Once archived, find the document then select delete from the drop-down menu.

We have also fixed a ton of bugs!

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