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Survey Results Are In: Here Are Your Biggest Employee Onboarding Challenges

At the recent HR Transform Conference, we had the opportunity to ask about your biggest employee onboarding challenges. What did our Process Street survey say?

Want to know how to make new hire onboarding less of a pain? Keep reading! 

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The Employee Onboarding Podcast #4: Executive Onboarding, Scaling, & Data with Gianna Driver

Named as one of the top 100 HR influencers of 2022 by HR Executive, Gianna Driver is currently the CHRO at Exabeam and has 15+ of experience scaling global, people, and talent functions.

Gianna loves leading teams and helping them meet ambitious goals, and boasts a wide range of leadership experience (from board management to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, to process creation). Gianna loves the energy that comes from creating structure out of chaos.

In this episode of The Employee Onboarding Podcast from Process Street, Josh speaks to Gianna about:

You can listen on AppleSpotifyGooglePodchaserPodcast AddictDeezer, & all your favorite podcast platforms!

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Level up Your Teamwork: Introducing Process Street for Microsoft Teams

At Process Street we focus on helping you streamline repeatable work by transforming process knowledge into collaborative, actionable workflows. In order to maximize workflow engagement and impact, we think your team should have the flexibility to participate wherever it’s most convenient.

If Microsoft Teams is your hub for collaboration and teamwork, you can now easily stay informed and take action on all of your Process Street workflows right where your team already operates: Welcome to Process Street for Microsoft Teams.

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Custom Branding with Cover Images and Emoji Icons

Your brand is critical to building a great culture with your team and a deep relationship with your customers.

Which is why new employees, customers and partners should always experience your brand in the best possible light.

This is why we’ve been working hard to enhance the customization and branding possibilities within Process Street.

Today I’m happy to announce the release of cover images and emoji icons to further customize your workflows and pages with your own branding.

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Announcing Process Street’s Brand New Employee Onboarding Podcast!

We’re super excited to announce our brand new employee onboarding podcast, focused on sharing insights & uncovering the trade secrets of employee onboarding!

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google,, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Deezer, & all your favorite podcast platforms!

Our very own Josh Ashton talks to employee onboarding experts about common problems they face, the tech they use, the future of employee onboarding as a whole, and more.

In this Process Street post, I’ll present our first three episodes with the key takeaways, and of course a link for you to listen.

Check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes!

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SOC 2 Compliance and Our Continued Commitment to Data Security

Process Street SOC 2 compliance

Learn more on our security, terms, privacy and GDPR readiness guidelines.

We achieved SOC 2, Type 2 compliance at Process Street, and I want to give you a quick rundown of what that security milestone means for us and our customers.

As we help thousands of organizations implement business-critical processes, an incredible amount of data is constantly moving through or being stored on our platform. You’ve entrusted us to securely handle your user and workflow information at all times, and we take that responsibility seriously every day. 

Part of our commitment to security manifests in the admin and user controls we make directly available to you — for example, role-based access, single sign-on, and identity management integrations.

But a lot of the work to keep your data safe happens behind the scenes, and that’s where SOC 2 comes in.

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Content Production Process: How Murray Dare Halved Their Delivery Time

If you’ve been looking at ways to make your content delivery processes more efficient, you’re not alone.

There are tons of articles on content creation, even more on creative processes, but hardly any articles focused on improving content processes.

This article is all about addressing that imbalance, and getting your content systems coordinated to improve your team’s content efficiency, quality, and delivery. 

By the end, we want to share the exact process we used to:

  • Drop our delivery time for content upload by 50%
  • Increase our team productivity by 35%
  • Improve client satisfaction by 20%
  • Enlarge work capacity by 15%

It’s one thing to tinker around the edges, making small improvements here and there. It’s another to re-think and radically change the way you deliver your content. Developing your small business mindset and continuously evaluating your processes are the key to improving your overall content marketing efforts this year.

This article will walk you through every step we took to do that using Process Street’s automated workflows.

⚙️ If you just came for the template, go ahead and nab it here.

Click here to add this workflow to your free Process Street account!

Let’s get to it!

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Supercharge Your Processes with the Scale, Security, and Services of Process Street for Enterprise

process street for enterprise

Since its founding, Process Street has enabled thousands of companies of all sizes to implement processes that are consistent, effective, and efficient.

Along the way we’ve worked with many large and growing organizations and have come to understand the unique challenges they face with process management. Over time, we’ve also realized our unique ability to help customers attack and overcome these challenges. 

Today, I’m pleased to announce our official launch of Process Street for Enterprise, a new plan that combines the intuitive, no-code tools our users already love with scalability, security, and services to supercharge process management for larger organizations.

In this post, I’ll briefly discuss some of the most common challenges of process management that our larger customers face and then introduce the key solutions and services that will make those obstacles far more manageable, including brand new releases like our enhanced API and SCIM provisioning. 

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Employee Spotlight: Tara Larson, VP RevOps

employee-spotlight-tara-larson-vp-revopsFor International Women’s Day, we’d like to share with you just one (there are many) of the amazing women who make Process Street the great place that it is!

There’s no denying that Process Street is made up of some interesting individuals. To celebrate that, we’re taking the opportunity to highlight some of the folks who keep all those gears spinning.

I’ve had a chance to poke around in engineering and design, and while I only kinda/sorta/not really know what goes on over there, I have absolutely no clue what RevOps even is. Sorry, y’all. I know who you are just, y’know, not what it is you actually do. I’m sure it’s very important work and you’re very good at it, though.

So, I was considering that and I had this thought: I bet Tara isn’t doing anything right now and she ought to know about it, right? I mean, she is in charge of it so. I hope so. Plus I can probably turn it into a post which means I’ll have successfully coerced someone else into doing my work for me tapped into the great breadth of talent and wisdom among my colleagues.

My editor is always telling me to get out more. Something about people and interacting and health benefits. I dunno. He’s obsessed with capybaras so who knows what’s up with that guy.

Back to Tara, which is why we’re all actually here. From a humble start studying sociology and neurobiology at Harvard, she also happened to work internationally in business, academia, and education (not the same thing; academia is meaner). Oh, and she’s also a certified ski instructor.

Okay. TBH, RevOps is the last thing I have questions about.

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Murray Dare Saw 25% Increase in Productivity (& Cut Costs by 18%) with Process Street

case study murray dareMurray Dare is a multi-award-winning marketing consultant based in Norwich, England. With his remote team drawn from across the UK, he delivers first-class marketing strategies, content and processes to a wide range of clients.

The team at Murray Dare use Process Street to streamline their content marketing operations.

Armed with process documentation solutions and process automation, Process Street has empowered Murray Dare to cut costs, increase productivity, improve content quality, improve scalability, and more!

In this case study we’ll look at:

Let’s jump right in!
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