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A New Right Menu!

We just made some major updates to the navigation here at Process Street. Highlights:  Right menu is now accessible from the home screen Active checklists are now discoverable from the right menu Search and quick jump to other checklists in that template Comments are now discoverable from right menu Let us know what you think […]

Export Checklists to CSV

You can now export all checklists run from a template (and the form fields inside them) in CSV form. Do this by opening up the template from which your checklists have been run. Next, click “More” in the right-hand menu, as shown below. Once you’ve done this, a more comprehensive menu will appear. Scroll down […]

Updates to Forms

We have added 2 new form fields,Email Address and Website Address. You can now see who last updated a form field. URL’s in Single Line Text fields are now clickable. See screenshot for examples: Hope you enjoy these updates =)

Introducing Forms

We have released forms to allow you to collect structured data in your checklists. See the full post on forms release here.

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