How Do I Make a Form Field Required?

If there are parts of your checklist that you must have filled out to allow you to ensure you have captured all the critical information in your workflow, you can create required fields.

Any form fields that are made required fields are mandatory for the person working on the checklist to complete before they can move onto the next task.

Users: In order to add required fields, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ permission by your Administrator.

How to make required fields

To make a form field required you must be inside the template editor.

Start from your template dashboard (or from a folder), click the three dots next the template’s name, and select “Edit template” from the right-hand menu.

Find the form field you want to make required (or add one to a task with the left-hand menu), then check the box at the bottom left of the field to make it required. You can also make all Subtasks required by checking the box “Required (All sub-tasks)” as shown below.

Note: All Form Fields except for ‘Hidden’ fields can be made required by checking the ‘Required’ checkbox underneath each field.

Required fields in action

Required fields show in your template and checklists with a small red asterisk to the right-hand side of their label.

Run a checklist to see your required fields in action.

If you try to complete a task without first completing all required fields, you will see a warning message appear at the top of your screen and the task will remain unchecked, as shown above.

The task containing the missed required fields, and the fields themselves, will be highlighted in red so that you can easily see what needs to be done.

As soon as you have filled out all the required form fields, you can complete the task and move onto the next one.

Required fields and stop tasks

If your checklist contains tasks with required fields before a stop task, the stop task will be disabled until all required fields have been completed.

If you try to complete the task with the Stop Task on it before all the required fields in the preceding task(s) have been completed, you will see a warning and the task will remain unchecked. The task(s) with the incomplete required fields will also be highlighted in red, as will the form field(s) you need to complete.

Using stop tasks with required fields like this, is a great way to ensure that certain information is submitted before a checklist can continue.

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