Timely + Process Street Integration

Integrate Process Street with Timely

You can integrate Timely with Process Street checklists using Zapier.

When a new contact is added to Timely’s database, a client intake session checklist can be automatically created in Process Street. This means saving time on manual tasks every day.

Use case:

  • A life coach uses Timely so new and old clients alike can easily book appointments with them
  • The life coach also uses Process Street to make sure that the client admin and coaching processes are completed efficiently and effectively
  • They want Process Street client intake session checklists to be automatically created whenever a new contact is added in Timely, and also have some of the customer’s data pushed straight into the checklist

Process overview:

  • We will create a Zap in Zapier
  • We will create a trigger for the Zap which is when a new customer is added to Timely’s database
  • We will create an action for the Zap which results in the automatic creation of a client intake session checklist inside Process Street, with some of the client information’s directly pushed in

Let’s get started.

Using a Process Street checklist

In this use case, we’re using the “Client Intake Session Checklist“. It’s a free checklist template made by the team at Process Street.

Add the template to your dashboard.

Creating the Zap with Zapier

Zapier is a third-party tool that integrates over 2,000 apps together. By using it, you can create automations known as “Zaps”. A Zap consists of a trigger (“When this happens…”) and an action (“Do this…”).

To build a Zap, sign into Zapier (or create an account) and then click the “Make a Zap!” button.

Setting Timely as the trigger

Use the middle search bar in the Zapier editor to find Timely.

Timely integration Zapier

Click on it to select it as the trigger app.

2. Choose the trigger in Timely

This use case requires the “Customer Trigger” event to be selected.

Timely integration Zap

Once “Customer Trigger” has been selected, press the “Continue” button.

3. Provide Zapier access to your Timely account

If you haven’t already provided Zapier access to your Timely account, click the “Sign in to Timely” button.

Zapier Timely integration

A popup will then appear.

Timely Zapier

Paste your Zapier Key (found in your dashboard > Setup > Business details > Addons) and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Zapier will then have access to your Timely account.

Zapier Timely

Hit “Continue”.

4. Pull in data from Timely

You’ll now want to pull in data (or sample data) from Timely.

Timely and Zapier

Hit “Test & Continue”.

Setting up Process Street as the action

1. Click “Do this…”

With the first half of the Zap set up, it’s time to focus on the second half – the action.

Click the “Do this…” widget in the Zapier editor to begin.

Zapier and Timely

Search and find “Process Street” via the search bar.

Timely Process Street

Click on the app icon to select it as the action app.

3. Choose the Process Street action

The required action for this use case is “Create Checklist”.

Process Street and Timely

Select “Create Checklist” from the dropdown, then hit “Continue”.

4. Provide Zapier access to your Process Street account

Just as you provided Zapier with access to your Timely account, you’ll now want to do the same for Process Street.

Another popup will appear after pressing “Sign in to Process Street”.

Timely and Process Street API

Paste the Process Street API (found by clicking on your organization’s name on the Process Street dashboard, then navigating to the “Integrations” tab) then click “Yes, Continue”.

Zapier will then have access to your Process Street account.

Timely automation

Hit “Continue”.

5. Choose the data you want to be pushed into Process Street

The next step is to choose which data you want to be pushed from Timely to Process Street.

First, you’ll want to select “Client Intake Session Checklist” as the template from the dropdown.

Then choose what you want the checklist title to be (I’ve set it up so the client’s first and last name is what appears).

Process Street and Timely automation

After that, choose the information – such as first name, last name, and email – you want to be pushed from Timely into Process Street.

Timely integration automation

Press “Continue” once done.

6. Send a test checklist to Process Street

To make sure everything’s working – and the checklist appears how you want it to appear – press the “Test & Continue” button.

Timely checklist

7. Find the checklist in Process Street

Navigate back to your Process Street dashboard. If the instructions have been followed, you should see the new checklist.

Timely checklist automation

If you click on the checklist, you’ll also see that the data from Timely has been correctly pushed through.

Timely checklist integration

8. Go back to Zapier and press “Done Editing”

Once you’ve double-checked the checklist came through correctly, navigate back to Zapier and press the “Done Editing” button.

Integrating Timely and Process Street

Once “Done Editing” has been pressed, a popup will ask you to turn your Zap on. Press the toggle so it goes from grey (off) to green (on).

The Zap will then run in the background, meaning whenever a new client is added to Timely, a client intake checklist will be automatically created inside Process Street!

Useful Timely Zap

The final step is to name your Zap. This will help you remember what the Zap does.

I chose “Timely > Process Street Client Intake”, but what you call yours is your choice!

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