What is a Template?

Process Street‘s core functionality is the ability to create templates for recurring processes and run checklists from those templates.

A template is a set of instructions that lay out exactly how a process should be completed. For each process in your business, you build a template first, then you run a checklist from it each time you need to work through that process.

For example, an Employee Onboarding template would contain all the information needed to complete successful onboarding for all your new hires, whilst a Customer Support template might contain all the information needed on how to deal with support tickets. You would run checklists from these templates for each new hire you’re onboarding, or for each customer support ticket that you receive.

What’s in a template?

Your templates are completely customizable, so what’s contained inside them is entirely up to you!

Templates can display a variety of content or instructions, such as videostext, images, subtasks, and embedded content from other apps. Use content when you want to share information with people working through your checklists.

When you add form fields into your templates, this allows you to capture and store information in any checklists that you run from them, such as names, documents, notes, emails and URLs. Use form fields when you want to collect data from people working on your checklists.

You can also send pre-written emails from checklists and utilize form fields to populate some of the data before the email is sent. Form fields also give you the ability to pass and receive data inside your checklists, or from other apps via automations.

You can also build really powerful features into your templates, such as:

On our paid plans you can create an unlimited number of templates and checklists.

Once you’ve created templates, you can organize them in foldersrun checklists from them, assign tasks to other users, track work, share them with others and even add some automations.


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