How to Attach Files to your Standard Operating Procedures

When writing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) you may need to attach files to increase the depth of the document. Traditional tools such as word editors don’t allow for this kind of functionality. But using a product like Process Street, you can certainly add files and other rich media to your Standard Operating Procedures.

Some files you might want to add could include:

  • Forms
  • Excel spreadsheet templates
  • Example documents or reports
  • Info packs to send to customers or clients

Below is a quick guide on how to add files to Process Street:

Step 1

Create a new template or edit an existing one
Create New Template

Step 2

Create a new task or edit an existing one
Create New Task

Step 3

In the content area, drag the file icon into the content area (you can also just click on the icon)
Add File Widget

Step 4

Upload the file you wish to attach
Upload File

Step 5

Save the template
Save Template

Easy as that. You can add any types of files you want to your Process Street account.

Go ahead and login to try it yourself.

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Vinay Patankar

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