How to Start a Podcast and Get 1,400,000 Downloads: Jon Nastor Explains, from Recording to Promoting

In this episode of the Business Systems Explored podcast, we talk to Hack the Entrepreneur’s Jon Nastor about starting a podcast and getting 1,400,000 downloads. 


Podcaster Jon Nastor has been host of Hack the Entrepreneur (HTE) since 2015, and between then and now his podcast has quickly become a runaway success.

From a few tentative early episodes to 1.4 million downloads, HTE has exploded. How did Jon do it?

In this episode, we find out the processes behind the man who manages to put out 4 podcast episodes every week. Jon shares with us how his podcast grew so quickly he was forced to create systems, and how he got over what Seth Godin calls ‘the dip’ — a rapid decline in listenership.

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Show notes

  • How Jon creates 4 podcasts a week
  • Being unique when everyone’s talking about the same strategies and tactics
  • How Jon got his podcasts marketed for free through the Rainmaker network
  • Launching a side-business off of a podcast
  • Why not creating processes will make your audience hate you
  • Jon’s journey to 100,000 monthly downloads
  • Pushing through ‘the dip’ when everything goes wrong
  • How soon to start looking for a sponsor
  • How choosing to not edit the podcast boosted downloads
  • Why Jon Nastor’s podcasts sound like natural conversations
  • Setting up a template to quickly produce podcasts
  • The exact production process Jon uses with his team
  • What a VA can do for your podcast
  • How quickly Jon expects his editor and VA to work on an episode
  • Getting 1 week ahead even when you’re doing 4 podcasts a week
  • How to properly promote your podcast with blog posts
  • Using a canonical link to make sure you don’t get screwed while syndicating content
  • Writing a transcript for your podcast
  • Repacking your podcasts as a book
  • The best ways to repurpose your podcast content to get a bigger audience
  • Jon’s content promotion process for podcasting
  • The platform that drives 80% of Jon’s traffic
  • A step-by-step process for promoting your podcast
  • The booking process Jon uses to schedule guest spots
  • The one guest Jon would love to have on HTE that seems impossible to close
  • How Jon learned to write a book from scratch
  • Interesting uses for post-it notes
  • The only way Jon will use to write a book out of podcast episodes
  • The one key tool at the heart of Jon’s content creation process

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