9 ITGlue Alternatives for IT Documentation That All MSPs Should Consider

Benjamin Brandall
August 9, 2017

ITGlue is a collaborative, cloud-based IT documentation platform created to help MSPs standardize documentation, create knowledge bases, manage passwords and track devices.

As well as documentation, it lets you stay on top of what’s going on in your network by notifying you when key events happen, like an SSL certificate nearing expiry, or a firewall breach.

IT Glue Alternatives Activity

These notifications can be used to automatically run checklists inside Process Street, meaning you can assign workflows to your team that guide them through tasks like SSL renewal, and then track whether or not the task is done through your Process Street dashboard.

For documented IT processes you can use in your own business, check out our free IT process pack.

ITGlue makes it easy to manage documentation both internally and for clients, and helps you track assets like devices, folders, domains, and contacts.

IT Glue Alternatives Dashboard

Unlike broader documentation tools like Confluence and OneNote, it’s aimed squarely at the MSP market which makes it one of the only platforms of its kind. Its usefulness and uniqueness comes at a high price, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

Common positive points:

  • Replaces the hacked-together mess of wikis and plugins you used to need to get the same job done
  • Links documents together intuitively
  • Fast and powerful search
  • Easy to set up for customer access
  • Works with your PSA (“Your PSA and IT Glue work together – IT Glue takes the data from the PSA and formats it into a user-friendly way.”)

Common issues:

  • Too expensive for smaller teams
  • Limited Zapier integration capability

While ITGlue is widely regarded as having the best and most powerful range of features for IT documentation, you might be looking for an alternative tool that costs less, has more Zapier automation options, or has a different set of features.

In this article, we’ll offer 9 ITGlue alternatives and give you some insight into how the tools compare against each other.


Docusnap ITGlue Alternative

Docusnap is an IT documentation tool for Windows which specializes in network diagrams. Unlike a PSA tool, it can inventory your IT infrastructure without needing to use an agent. Like ITGlue, Docusnap charges a setup fee and a monthly fee, which varies depending on how many workstations you’ll need to serve. Its features include:

  • Agentless, automated IT inventory
  • IT documentation, including diagrams, processes, reports, and concepts
  • Permissions and security analysis
  • License management
  • Organizational charts

A Docusnap salesperson writing to a lead in reddit comments estimated that the fee would be around $100-$150 per month for a company with a client with 100 workstations, billing at $1/workstation and $3-4/server.

Pricing: from a one-time fee of ~$560 and then ~$25/month (limited to 50 workstations).


Stella ITGlue Alternative

Stella is a knowledge management and collaboration platform designed to tightly integrate with ConnectWise. Users have noted that it’s cheaper than ITGlue, allows you to give clients read/write access at no extra cost, and that it’s highly customizable when used in conjunction with Confluence.

Its features include:

  • Knowledge base integrated with ConnectWise tickets
  • IT documentation
  • Reporting
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Single sign-on between ConnectWise and Confluence

Stella is aimed at the market that’s already using ConnectWise. If that’s not you, it’s probably not the right option.

Price: $495 setup fee, then starts from $200/month for 10 users

🏆 Confluence

Confluence ITGlue Alternative

If a company isn’t already using ITGlue but needs a viable solution, they’re likely using Confluence. Confluence is a step up from paper notes or Google Drive and it’s very customizable thanks to the wide range of plugins on the marketplace, but it’s not a specialized tool like ITGlue. That means that you’ll have to use plugins and ‘roll your own’ set up.

Users have said that ITGlue beats Confluence for usability, speed, permission management, password management, customer access, and documentation audits. Confluence is a great general documentation tool, and, while ITGlue outperforms it in some areas, Confluence has a deeper and more powerful search than ITGlue because it searches inside attached documentation. Also, since Confluence is self-hosted, it is more likely to pass compliance regulations than a SaaS platform.

When it comes to pricing, Confluence has the edge over ITGlue for smaller teams because ITGlue’s 5-user minimum and setup costs can price some businesses out.

🏆 Best for: customization and a wide range of plugins

Price: starts from $10/month for 10 team members


Docuwiki ITGlue Alternative

DocuWiki is a lot like MediaWiki; a self-hosted, open source Wiki platform that’s available for free and highly customizable.

The same way that many businesses use the MediaWiki platform for SOPs, many IT firms cite DocuWiki as their go-to IT documentation solution. But, it’s not a full-service package by a long shot. It’s free and open-source, which is a plus, but that also comes with the hassle of setting it up, maintaining it yourself, and forgoing the cloud.

Its wide range of plugins built by its community mean you can extend the basic features and add things like rich media in documentation, discussions, and authentication. To summarize, its features include:

  • Rich media IT documentation (but with a very DIY approach)
  • A big library of plugins that extend its documentation capabilities
  • Self-hosted
  • Free
  • Open source

Bear in mind that DocuWiki is a pure documentation tool, so it can’t do things like inventory, integrations, notifications, or reporting.

Pricing: free


BizDox ITGlue Alternative

BizDox is an IT documentation solution that integrates with ConnectWise to automatically create diagrams. It tracks the completeness and accuracy of your current documentation and features a powerful search that indexes everything including notes, IP addresses, and application names. Its features include:

  • Automatically create diagrams of servers and networking equipment
  • Pre-loaded with data on hudreds of common applications (support contact information, infrastructure relationships, etc)
  • Audit documentation accuracy and completeness
  • Search everywhere
  • See IT diagrams in the context of organizational architecture and cost

As it stands, BizDox is purely a documentation and diagramming solution, missing out on some of ITGlue’s more advanced and useful features like password and access management, and notifications. It integrates with ConnectWise out of the box, and with Active Directory via Bitium.

Price: starts from $75/month and includes access for 10 clients

SI Portal

SI Portal is one of the cheapest specialized tools on the list at only $19/user/month and a 2 user minimum. Many businesses prefer on premises solutions for compliance reasons, so SI Portal offers both a cloud and self-hosted version of its software.

It stores, indexes, and allows you to easily share everything including documents, licenses, passwords, contacts, diagrams, knowledge base articles, and information on applications and network devices. SI Portal helps you track network activity, device relationships, and store all your IT-related documentation. Its features include:

  • Document licenses, passwords, contaacts, knowledge base articles and network information
  • Share it securely with clients or others in your organization
  • Self-host or run in the cloud
  • Mobile app
  • ConnectWise and Autotask integrations

Pricing: starts from $19/user/month with a minimum of 2 users.

🏆 OneNote

OneNote isn’t a dedicated IT documentation tool by a long shot, but according to a dedicated segment of its user base, it’s a robust solution. Its cloud availability, secure access, great search and flexible document editor makes it viable alternative to some of ITGlue’s more basic features.

  • Create documentation easily by pasting images, text, or data from Word and Excel
  • Integrate easily with Sharepoint, OneDrive, and other Microsoft products
  • Powerful search
  • Simple sharing and access management
  • Access on any device

One of the most attractive features of OneNote for most offices is its native intregrations with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite. You can easily import Excel data, create diagrams and then organize it all in the Sharepoint ecosystem.

However, it is missing PSA integrations, IT documentation templates, objects, and the ability to link articles, objects and passwords all together.

🏆 Best for: affordability and flexibility

Price: from free, but works best with Office 365


Passportal is primarily a password management tool for IT teams, but has expanded to cover IT documentation, too. As a result, it’s a powerful tool for password management, but stands currently with only basic documentation capabilities. Its IT documentation positions it as an alternative to ITGlue, but its emphasis on password management leaves the documentation features lacking. Its features include:

  • Password management
  • Automated password updates
  • Access control
  • Client data reporting
  • Personal password storage
  • Integrates with ConnectWise, Autotask, and Tiger Paw

Price: available on request

Which ITGlue alternative should you choose?

For plenty of MSPs, ITGlue is the number one solution for documentation. It comes at a high price for smaller businesses, but collects a variety of essential documentation and network management tools that you could otherwise only get by combining a number of plugins and customizing Confluence.

If your business can’t afford ITGlue right now, it’s probably best to use a free tool like OneNote, something less expensive like SI Portal, or go for the DIY approach with Confluence.

Which tools are you considering for IT documentation? Let me know in the comments!

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Nice article. I’ve turned to GLPI for IT documentation. The lack of english-language documentation for it isn’t great. However, it is comprehensive, feature-rich and lots of plugins. I’m using the FusionInventory plugin for instance. I’m leveraging the Knowledge Base for user and technical documentation.

New to using IT Glue, but I can tell you this much – for the gain in professionalism, the consistency in being able to document all clients, having triggers and automation to make your documentation “smarter” — is well worth $150 / 5 users. If a small IT shop can’t see the value in that and gain 1 hour / month back in productivity (or upsell a client / prospect because of the catalog of knowledge)… then they probably need to close up shop and find something else to do.

Hi Donny,

A lot of users I’ve read accounts from say that ITGlue is definitely worth it over the competition. I think it’s the onboarding fee most worry about, not the monthly charge. Thanks for commenting!

Hi Ben,

Are you aware of XIA Configuration? It has agentless discovery of your IT and automatically documents the configuration of your environment. The reporting feature helps you maintain your network e.g. the SSL Certificate Report tells you how many days each of your certificates has until expiry.

I’ve used Si portal for over a year at a couple companies and prefer it over Larger Corp software like IT Glue and confluence. The quick search, the indexing, and the logical layout all make sense to a technical IT engineer. Most software for documentation isn’t written by engineers for engineers, its written by a group of people who think they know best and take multiple points of interest in to factoring the design. Si Portal is written by engineers for engineers and makes complete sense. I would 100% recommend Si over most if not all products on the board. I could stand a little more customization of the interface like color and such but its a great product.

Hi Ben, thanks for the great insight and run down on an age-old problem of manual afflicting MSPs. As a former MSP ourselves, we set out to tackle the problem with our Roar platform. We’ve figured out the best ways to automate the retrieval of configuration data from the dozen or so dashboards and sources that MSPs typically managed (SSL Cert Expiration, Domains, O365, Meraki, AD, MSSQL, etc.) – and track it over time for changes. We’re looking forward to making it on one of your lists soon!

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your detailed list.
I work at Docusnap myself and am very happy about such detailed comparisons.

As a MSP ourselves, we know how much time a current IT documentation eats up. That’s why we developed Docusnap about 15 years ago. First of all for our own use. But more and more of our customers wanted to use the software themselves. That’s why we’ve been developing Docusnap ever since to support other engineers in inventory, documentation and analysis in the best possible way.

You are very welcome to get your own impression of our software and test it free of charge and without obligation.

In case of any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi Ben,

That’s a good article giving insights on the documentation platforms out there. There have been so many changes happening in the past few years. As a former MSP ourselves, the need to have your techs working using fewer consoles forced us to create an ALL IN ONE platform.

ITBOOST is the ONE IT documentation system that brings it all together, IT Documentation, Password Management, Customer Feedback and BI along with dashboards for Backup systems. ITBOOST is a place to document a customer’s environment, their assets, passwords and more that can easily be accessed from any device to deliver efficient services to end users.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Signup for a trial to check it out. https://signup.itboost.com/access/register

we are looking for an onsite solution to implement that takes the place of IT Glue, and doesn’t have such a high monthly fee (if any). cloud based softwares arent an option for us for several reasons. any ideas?

I have worked with many of these products and IT Glue is the best in class. HOWEVER they are arrogant, inflexible and difficult to work with. Their one-time $495 setup free is ridiculous and does not incent them to “setup” the software in a reasonable timeframe. IT Portal is another great choice.

I noticed ITFlow is missing from this list. It’s very similar to ITGlue but covers accounting and tickets, and is self hosted.

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