Partner Spotlight: How Bryan deSilva Automates Work for Clients with Process Street

partner spotlight improvizations automate client work

Today, we’re going to take a look at Improvizations, a workforce consulting firm that works with a huge variety of organizations to improve and automate their business processes. 

As part of our Solutions Partner program, CEO and founder of Improvizations Bryan deSilva engages his clients and gets them as excited as he is about continuous improvement. 

Together, we’ll dive into how Bryan and his team accomplishes this with Process Street, along with a bit about his own life and what gets him so excited about workflows. 

  • What Improvizations specializes in
  • What Bryan loves most about being a Solutions Partner
  • The best part of Bryan’s job
  • What Bryan does when he’s not building workflows

What Improvizations specializes in

Improvizations is a company that focuses on improving and automating processes for workforce technology. 

They love helping organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, and education, serving everything from small businesses to global powerhouses.

But the one thing — the ‘why’ that drives Improvizations— is helping people experience the power of automation and enhanced productivity every day in their work.

Here’s what Sydney Snyder at The Financial Architects has to say about working with Improvizations: 

“Improvizations has gone above and beyond showcasing their ability to fully understand, not only the scope of work of the project, but truly deep diving into the underlying operations of our business to design personalized creative solutions that are tailored to our functions and goals, setting us up for success in the present and future. 

The professionalism and genuine commitment their team has to our success is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Improv not only for the transformations their services have made for our business operations, but also for consistently surpassing our expectations.”

Sydney Snyder, Office Manager at The Financial Architects

What Bryan loves about being a Process Street Solutions Partner 

“We love engaging with organizations of all sizes that are eager and involved with continuous improvement. 

It’s so very satisfying to see the light bulb go off when someone realizes just how much working on the business and improving the process reduces the stress and tedium of their jobs.”

– Bryan deSilva, CEO and Founder of Improvizations

What’s the most fulfilling Process Street workflow you’ve built?

“Picture a 50+ step workflow to manage the deal close process for a services firm. 

Its purpose is to gather data from a deal in HubSpot in order to create a new team and project channel in Microsoft Teams. It is set up for the sales-to-delivery process and delivers a fully functioning project team. 

We’ve pared down the process into 3 to 4 steps, essentially just to validate the automation is pulling in the right data.

The client’s response was simply, “Wow!” as it reduced the labor for this process from about 20 minutes for each project to close to 0.”

– Bryan deSilva

The best part of Bryan’s job

partner spotlight improvizations automate client work

“The core team right now is father and sons. It’s pretty cool to spend so much work AND play time together.”

– Bryan deSilva

What Bryan does when he’s not building workflows

“So many things! 

I enjoy hiking with friends, CrossFit, learning new things, permaculture, gardening, playing, and listening to music. 

[My sons] Kai and Che love playing music, woodworking, working out, gaming, 3D printing, and hanging out with friends.”

– Bryan deSilva

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