Startup SEO: How to Get Traction in Your First Year

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we talk to Dmitry Dragilev about the systems behind the marketing successes he’s engineered for startups like Polar and

For startups, failure to get traction quickly can mean the difference between a multi-million dollar exit and another Silicon Valley tombstone.

Since it’s so vital to get exposure from the outset, you need to get the press, early adopters, and Google on your side.

This episode is all about how to do that: an interview with the growth hacker and startup PR expert Dmitry Dragilev.

Listen to the episode to find out where to start with an audit of your marketing site, how to write content that will force Google to pay attention, and Dmitry’s best hack for startup SEO.

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“No matter how many backlinks you throw at something, if your bounce rate is high, you’re on page 20.” (tweet this)

Show notes:

  • Where to start with getting traction for your startup
  • How Dmitry starts creating marketing strategies for startups
  • The importance of UX on marketing sites
  • How drastically time-on-site affects your Google rankings
  • Developing a marketing strategy with Google Analytics
  • What to optimize before you start going after new keywords
  • Figuring out the ‘low-hanging fruit’ for SEO
  • Real optimization examples from companies Dmitry has worked with
  • The importance of short slugs
  • How to write paragraphs so people read
  • On ‘bucket brigades’
  • Inside Google’s algorithm for clickthrough and bounce rate
  • Testing Facebook ads
  • The first three things Dmitry looks for in a piece of successful content
  • A word of warning about anchor text
  • How Google perceives video views for SEO
  • How to do SEO for an iOS app
  • Getting press for your original research
  • The benefits behind having 10+ email addresses for PR
  • How to scale up PR when you have one year to get traction
  • The tool Dmitry uses to test his tone in email
  • Dmitry’s best hack for startup SEO
  • Broken link building on Wikipedia

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