Video Production Tips for Business: How to Create Video Customers Will Actually Watch

In this episode of Business Systems Explored, we learn video production tips from Chris Lavigne, head of video at Wistia.


You’d expect a video startup to have a wealth of wisdom on video creation, production, and editing, but this episode is insane.

We speak to Chris Lavigne, Wistia’s head of video, and learn everything from creating a business video with your iPhone, editing on free software, and the biggest mistakes you can make with lighting and audio recording.

Whether you’ve just got a laptop and an iPhone, or a bit of a budget to afford a mic and camera, there are tips here that will help you create video content that engages your audience, makes emotional connections, and strengthens your brand.

While you’re here, check out an earlier episode we recorded with Wistia CEO Chris Savage.

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“You want people to absorb the message, and pay attention to the video. Get rid of anything that detracts from that.” (tweet this)

Show notes:

  • Using video as a part of brand voice
  • Why video is the best way to make an emotional connection with your audience
  • How to create engaging videos for your marketing campaigns
  • How Wistia uses video internally
  • Using video to create tutorials for your software
  • How video helps support teams
  • Documenting team meetings and outings with video
  • Creating videos to keep your company up to date with product announcement
  • The camera Wistia uses to capture video internally
  • How to decide how much time to spend on creating a video
  • Making sure your videos are actually going to captivate your audience
  • The most valuable skills a video marketing agency needs to have
  • Why animated explainer videos could be worthless
  • … And what’s the next big thing in video?
  • Using VR and 360 video in your business
  • Live streaming for businesses
  • Video vs Podcasting — which to use, and when?
  • Should you DIY videos, or hire a firm?
  • Chris’ preparation process for creating video
  • Using a creative brief for video creation
  • On video analytics
  • Should you use a checklist to work emotion into video?
  • The equipment you’ll need to get started with video
  • Shooting with just an iPhone
  • Quick hacks to get the best quality from your iPhone
  • Why Wistia use a traditional DSLR for shooting video
  • The best kind of mic to use when recording your team
  • Essential primers for shooting with smartphones and DSLRs
  • Controlling ambient noise when recording a video
  • Indoor vs Outdoor shooting
  • Using lighting in business videos
  • Making do with whatever lighting you have vs. using studio lights
  • Disastrous lighting mistakes to avoid
  • Getting great video quality with your webcam
  • Using photography paper as backgrounds
  • Using your office as a studio
  • Cutting between spoken word shots and product shots
  • Why Chris doesn’t use green screens (and makes fun of them instead)
  • Cutting out poor backgrounds with just a good lens
  • The two rules Chris always abides by for video creation
  • Getting started with video editing
  • In-built Mac software for simple editing
  • The only software Wistia uses to edit video (and the software you need to invest in if you’re serious about video)
  • Classic editing mistakes that make your videos look terrible
  • The places you can get music for your videos
  • Data on the best video length for engagement
  • The different kinds of video content, and the difference in engagement you can expect

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