How BentoBox Uses Process Street to Scale Their Business Operations

bentobox scaling business case study

BentoBox is a website e-commerce and marketing platform just for restaurants. Their mission is to empower the world’s restaurants to succeed in their mission of hospitality.

While thousands of restaurants are using BentoBox to power their digital experience for customers, including websites, online ordering, gift cards and more, BentoBox uses Process Street for key processes like customer onboarding and employee onboarding to smoothly scale their operations.

“Partnering with Process Street has ultimately enabled us to help our team move quicker, as well as create transparency with our customers; and the features that they’ve been adding since then have just kind of proved that it was the right choice.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

Why Process Street?

Prior to using Process Street, BentoBox was using another management platform, but found that the main features they were looking for were weren’t being provided.

They wanted transparency for their customers and automation for their internal team in order to make their processes run more smoothly and, as a result, create more meaningful touch-points with customers.

“So that’s why we ultimately went with Process Street.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

BentoBox’s onboarding team uses Process Street to manage:

  • Customers;
  • New projects;
  • And new hire onboarding.

Creating checklists for every customer, new project, and all of the new hires (as well as their managers) ensures that their employees are covering all their bases.

Using Process Street to scale business operations

“As we scale, Process Street has scaled with us.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

BentoBox uses Automations to work more efficiently

The addition of our Automations feature has been a huge game changer for BentoBox.

In a nutshell, Automations allow you to transfer data across different apps; cutting down tedious manual copy/pasting, and as a result, reducing errors while working more efficiently.

Automations has made it possible for them not only to build directly in Process Street, but also helped them move their processes along quickly and smoothly without ever having to leave the platform.

BentoBox highlights the importance of flexibility for business growth

“The biggest benefit is that [Process Street is] a very customizable platform, so we can adapt our processes really easily into the platform when things change.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

As your business grows, your day-to-day operations will evolve with it. Being able to quickly and easily adapt your processes when needed is absolutely vital to successfully scaling your business.

Thankfully, providing that level of flexibility is something Process Street has made a top priority.

One example of how we’ve done this is with our instant workflow updates.

Let’s say you’ve made 500 copies of your customer onboarding workflow for all of your customers. All your customers are working through their process on their own, but one reaches out to you to point out that there’s a mistake in the workflow.

Are you now going to have to painstakingly go through every one of those 500 workflows to correct the mistake for each customer? No.

We’ve made it so that when you make a change to one of your workflows, you will have the option to update all workflow runs instantly. So, you’ll just have to make the correction one time in order to fix all 500.

bentobox scaling business case study

Process Street helps you supercharge and scale your workflows

“I would definitely recommend reaching out to [Process Street] to do a free trial and seeing how your processes fit in. We did that before we signed up and felt super confident once we signed, that this was going to work for us.” – Chelsea Lynch, Customer Operations Team Manager, BentoBox

We love helping teams get the most out of their processes.

If you want to get started, sign up or book a demo today!

“The experience working with the Process Street team has been really great.

They are always available to answer questions and they’re always willing to hop on a call to talk through issues.

That’s like my favorite part about the team.”

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