ERP Suites Halved Onboarding Time & Saw 5X Fewer Customer Complaints with Process Street

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“Overall, [Process Street has] made a world of difference inside the organization. It’s really helped our quality and keeps our customers happy.” – David Schenz, Director

ERP Suites helps enterprise companies implement scalable IT solutions for secure data, improved response times, and application of industry knowledge & best practices.

The company began its very humble start in 2006 with a few guys in a basement with a vision. By 2017, ERP Suites had grown into an award-winning company known for its IT solutions and innovations.

Currently, they meet the needs of over 250 mid-size organizations within the US and abroad.

Challenge: Scaling complex IT processes & keeping customers happy

“Process Street helped us go from a situation where we had all these different documents to one where we could have the entire customer procedure documented inside of Process Street.”

ERP Suites is charged with the very daunting task of designing bespoke IT solutions for each one of its more than 250 customers.

Initially, this wasn’t a problem. A technician would be assigned to a customer and figure out what they needed.

As ERP Suites scaled, though, it now had a very big problem: There was no standardized process for training the next generation of technicians to handle each customers’ unique needs.

It took roughly four weeks for a new technician to be fully onboarded, but with the rapid turnover of promoting and hiring that a scaling business goes through, this just wasn’t fast enough.

More to the point, it wasn’t accurate enough. Customers became increasingly unhappy with the number of mistakes being made on their accounts due to inconsistencies in the technicians’ processes.

If ERP Suites didn’t find a solution quickly, they risked losing these customers altogether.

Results: 50% faster onboarding with 5X fewer customer complaints

By documenting the procedure within a workflow, the time it took technicians to run the process went down and the quality of delivery went up – resulting in much happier customers.

Not only has the company seen fewer unhappy customers, but this streamlined approach has also enabled ERP Suites to expand more efficiently by optimizing the onboarding process for their technicians.

With each customer having very specific needs and requirements, training new technicians was a huge challenge for the company.

However, with Process Street’s workflows and documentation capabilities, ERP Suites has cut their onboarding time from four weeks down to merely two.

“I don’t have customers calling me up and yelling at me because I did the wrong thing nearly as often. […] Those types of calls have probably gone down, I would guess 5X since putting Process Street in. That’s pretty cool.”

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