How Content Allies Saves $5000 a Month Using Process Street To Manage Their Core Operations

How Content Allies Saves $5000 a Month Using Process Street-01 (1)Content Allies is a B2B podcast networking service which seeks to empower clients by helping them build meaningful relationships and grow their customer base. Podcasts are used as a key marketing channel.

We spoke to CEO Jake Jorgovan to find out how Content Allies uses Process Street to slash business costs, improve efficiency, and drive business growth.

The Content Allies story

Content Allies is a B2B production agency and service, helping companies produce revenue-generating podcast.

They produce a diverse range of shows, including: Talent Acquisition Leaders, Life in the Cloud, and Illuminate Higher Education.

Content Allies

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing mediums, with over 55% of Americans listening to podcasts in 2020. That number has grown from 27% in 2013.

What is the reason for this growth?

Podcasts are recognized by Content Allies as a vital strategic initiative used to expand a business network, engage audiences and build loyalty.

When I launched my first company, I used a podcast as one of my primary growth channels. At one point I found that over 68% of our revenue was a result of the guests who I had invited on my podcasts. Some of them turned into customers. Others referred customers to us. Others invited me to speaking engagements that led to new customers. Using my podcast as a networking tool proved to be one of the single greatest drivers of revenue for my business.” – Jake Jorgovan, Why Podcasting Might Be One Of The Best ROI Marketing Channels In 2021 (And Beyond)

Content allies tripled their revenue between December 2020 and April 2021, and Process Street has proved a vital asset in enabling this extensive growth.

Content allies use Process Street for:

  • Employee onboarding: To train and onboard new team members.
  • Podcast production: To consistently create high-quality content for their podcasts daily.
  • Recurring tasks: To faultlessly execute everyday, recurring tasks from anywhere.

They’ve benefited from implementing Process Street by:

  • Expanding their capacity for growth;
  • Streamlining processes to save time;
  • Reducing business chaos and error via improving efficiency;
  • Reducing operating costs;
  • Improving remote-team management.


Jorgovan knew Content Allies was undergoing rapid growth and needed to build the business capacity for this growth.

He wanted to move away from project management per se, to focus on the process. Jorgovan saw the predictability of the work being done and sought to streamline and improve the efficiency of Content Allies’ operations.

I wanted to hammer home that we didn’t just need project management, we need more streamlined processes with software. The biggest game for me was to move from project management to process management.” – Jake Jorgovan, Content Allies

Another cause of concern for Jorgovan was Content Allies’ inefficient system of record. Recording and tracking the podcasts produced was a cumbersome, time-sapping process, vulnerable to error, especially during organizational growth. This needed to be fixed.

Growing their business with Process Street

Content Allies saves $5,000 a month using the Process Street software.

I basically replaced a $5000 a month operations personnel with software.” – Jake Jorgovan, Content Allies

Jorgovan signed up to Process Street in October 2020. By December 2020, Content Allies’ operations were fully migrated into the Process Street software. Today, Content Allies uses Process Street heavily, with 28 active users, 71 members, and 21 guests.

Process Street has improved business operations by making them more efficient, smoother, less prone to human error and chaos, all-in-all saving time. Not only has Content Allies been able to dramatically cut monthly costs, but by delivering on the latter-listed benefits, Content Allies has tripled in revenue with no hiccups.


Quantitatively, Content Allies has benefited from using Process Street by saving $5,000 a month from replacing an operations manager with Process Street.

Subtract Process Street subscription costs, and Content Allies saves $57,480 a year.

Once more, since December, Content Allies has tripled in revenue, bringing in a substantial customer influx. Output demand has surged, but with Process Street, Content Allies has not faltered.

“We’ve tripled our revenue since December, but things are running smoother and better than before. Process Street has improved quality and reduced stress of life.” – Jake Jorgovan, Content Allies

Since moving to Process Street, Content Allies has published 128 podcast episodes in two and a half months. Jorgovan could never have imagined such an insane workflow running through the system.

Content Allies core process is the podcast production process, which consists of 60 tasks, each individually assigned to the relevant team members using Process Street’s Role Assignments feature. Operations, audio, writers, designers, video creation, and VA teams are brought together on one platform to get the job done. Their tasks are synchronized via the Process Street checklist, with automatic hand-offs from one team member to another. One member of operations works remotely, but Process Street keeps them in the loop of who is doing what and when, easing the management of remote-based work.

This core podcast process involves submission forms, links to video files, articles, the number of videos to record, design elements to create, special instructions, and corporate approvals. The latter uses Process Street’s Approvals feature to seamlessly obtain approval on Podcast items.

Content Allies also uses Process Street’s Conditional Logic feature to create dynamic checklists that cater to the user’s unique needs.

In terms of new employee training and onboarding, onboarded team members can jump into the relevant checklist and follow the process to execute their tasks accurately. In essence, the process handles the training needed for new employees to deliver on their responsibilities.

Once more, Jorgovan’s team has been able to leverage Process Street’s automation feature via Zapier. For instance, when the VA reviews and approves a podcast episode for publication, they can drop relevant information into their payment contract. Completing this task triggers a Zap that pushes the podcast information into an Airtable record. From this record, Content Allies is able to see everything they’ve ever published, creating an up-to-date portfolio at the click of a button.

Taking it to the next level

Content Allies biggest use case for Process Street includes onboarding, podcast production, and managing remote employee work. All have proved extremely useful, especially during COVID-19. Yet, it’s still the early stages of the Process Street-Content Allies journey.

Content Allies is working on putting everything into their Process Street account, documenting core operations as they go.

If Content Allies is able to save $57,480 in the first year of use, think about how much they will save in years to come.

Cutting costs, improving the efficiency of operations, and saving time are benefits that come at a vital time for Content Allies, helping the organization go from strength to strength and continue on its growth trajectory.

Have any questions about how Content Allies uses Process Street? Let us know, and we’ll get back to you in the comments!

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