How Colliers Manages Some of the Largest Buildings on the Planet

colliers case study

Colliers is a global commercial real estate company that helps its clients select corporate real estate, manage lease renewals, and handle portfolio strategies.

It’s a massive operation that requires an intense amount of organization and transparency to deliver the best services for its clients. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by using Process Street.

But how did Colliers come to use Process Street? And how has it helped transform its operations? We will answer those questions and more in this case study.

We’ll cover:

  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • The results

If you want to learn more about how Process Street has helped Colliers, check out our video about it below:

The challenge 

colliers case study

Prior to implementing Process Street, Colliers was reliant on Excel to manage processes, develop plans, and organize due dates, assignees, and tasks.

While Excel was a useful tool, it didn’t deliver everything they needed, and they ran into a number of problems while using it, namely version control and governance.

Colliers does not operate within a stagnant industry. Things change, policies need to be adjusted, and processes sometimes need to add new tasks or remove old ones. Being dynamic is key to survival and making clients happy, but that was difficult with Excel.

The various teams at Colliers found that they had trouble keeping track of updated processes. There were situations where information either got lost or the person who had the most up-to-date information was either out sick or on vacation, which meant the rest of the team was out of luck.

Because of that, they knew Excel was not sustainable for them and their needs, so they looked to Process Street.

The solution

colliers case study

After trying out a number of different business process management (BPM) tools, the team at Colliers eventually settled on Process Street, finding its flexibility, ease of use, and exceptional support team to be the best fit for their needs.

Teams tend to get a little spooked when trying out a new tech at work, but Colliers didn’t have that issue with Process Street. They started small with just one team using it, but as more and more teams tried it out, its popularity within the organization grew and the change management was much easier.

Now, Process Street is aiding different teams in:

  • Client boarding
  • Transition processes
  • Account management governance
  • Email approval process with clients

By using Process Street instead of Excel, not only are processes now more simplified but information is more easily shared and workflows are more personalized for each client.

The results

colliers case study

The team at Colliers has noticed three major benefits:

  • Time saved
  • Better process efficiency
  • Happier clients

Let’s break each of these down.

Time saved

The different teams at Colliers that use Process Street no longer have to create a plan for every new client transition. Process Street automatically does it for them.

Even if they have a client with more unique, individualized needs, they can take a process that they’ve already created and customize it to suit the client without missing any vital steps in the transition process.

Better process efficiency

Process Street has taken what was before a set of complex processes and turned them into a simple set of tasks.

That makes creating and implementing the processes much less daunting.

Furthermore, Process Street makes it incredibly easy to set due dates and see who is assigned to which task, meaning they have little trouble staying on top of things and completing processes on time and to full compliance.

And with the collaboration features it offers, team members and guests are able to reach out to one another within the platform to communicate any needs, centralizing communication.

Happier clients

Colliers’ clients have loved the implementation of Process Street.

It’s made everything so much more transparent. From the very first onboarding call, account managers can show the clients what the transition process will look like, and from there, clients can keep track of exactly where they are in the process, or go back and reference something if they need to.

And with the increased fluidity Process Street offers, the teams at Colliers are able to easily make changes as necessary to better suit their clients’ needs, so the clients get a far more tailored experience.

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