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New Features Webinar May 2019

Our latest features – Role Assignments, SSO, and an Overview update have launched to great feedback and usage! We covered them all in our new features webinar which had a tremendous turnout.

Role Assignments

The Process Street team is excited to announce the release of our brand new role assignments feature. With Role Assignments, you can pre-assign tasks to different roles on your team. Note: Role Assignments are a feature on our Standard Plan. This is useful for larger teams where different people might complete a task depending on their […]

Inbox – The Fastest Way to Complete Tasks

Keeping track of everything that you and your team need to do is pretty important. Luckily, Process Street’s Inbox feature lets you do just that! Inbox lets you see, complete or snooze all of the tasks and checklists that you’ve been assigned across your organization. Accessing Inbox To access Inbox, simply click on the ‘Inbox’ […]

Dynamic Due Dates Update

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve extended the functionality of task due dates to give you even more options. Dynamic due dates let you automatically adjust a task’s due date based on actions taken in a checklist. Note: Dynamic due dates are a feature on our Standard Plan. You can now set dynamic due […]

Enhance your Workflows with Conditional Logic

We at Process Street are very excited to announce the release of Conditional Logic – The perfect way to create dynamic checklists with If/Then logic that adapt to your needs. Note: Conditional Logic is a feature on our Standard Plan. Conditional Logic Webinar Recording With our powerful new Conditional Logic feature, you can show and hide […]

Enforce the Order of Checklists, Hand off Tasks and More with Stop Tasks

We’re excited to announce the release of ✋ stop tasks — a new way to control how teams work through checklists. Note: Stop Tasks are a feature on our Standard Plan. A stop task prevents you and your team from progressing through a checklist until the stop task has been completed. This enforces the order of tasks, […]

Private Template Sharing with Clients, Multiple Account Emails, and Changing Linked Domains

We’re very excited to announce three new features: The ability to privately allow others to import your templates The ability to have multiple emails for your account The ability to easily change your organization’s associated domain With these new releases, you now have greater control over your organization, account, and templates. Private Template Importing Before, […]

Private Template Sharing

We’re very excited to announce two new features, the ‘Share Template’ button, and the ‘Template Share Link‘. With this release, you can now conveniently access all of your template sharing options in one place via the ‘Share Template’ button, and can privately share templates with people outside of your organization without requiring them to create […]

Variables and Integration Links

We’re excited to announce Variables, a long awaited feature that lets you insert values from form fields into other parts of your checklist. Variables can be used inside text widgets and email widgets to pass on information to the next step or person in the process. They can also be inserted into links in the […]

Individual Task Assignments and Due Dates

You can now assign users and groups to individual tasks, as well as set due dates that trigger email notifications. Assignments and due dates can be set on active checklists, or dynamically assigned at the template level. Links: Task assignments help article Task due dates help article

Run surveys and more with the “Checklist Run Link”

A “Checklist Run Link” is a link which, when clicked, runs a new checklist from a certain template. This can be used by team members to run internal processes, or by customers to launch shared checklists. This allows you to quickly run a new checklist without having to open the template and then click “Run […]

Get an overview of your checklists in table view

You can now view all your checklists in a list or grid format using the new template overview feature. The template overview is a fantastic way to see a table based summary of every checklist run from a particular template. In fact, it’s essentially an in-app (and prettier) version of our checklist CSV export. It […]

Share Checklists With Anyone via a Link

You can now share a checklist with anyone you want using a single clickable link. The person you share it with will be able to complete the checklist, fill in form fields, upload files, and add comments; they don’t even have to have a Process Street account! Intro Video How Do They Work? Our new […]

A New Right Menu!

We just made some major updates to the navigation here at Process Street. Highlights:  Right menu is now accessible from the home screen Active checklists are now discoverable from the right menu Search and quick jump to other checklists in that template Comments are now discoverable from right menu Let us know what you think […]

Export Checklists to CSV

You can now export all checklists run from a template (and the form fields inside them) in CSV form. Do this by opening up the template from which your checklists have been run. Next, click “More” in the right-hand menu, as shown below. Once you’ve done this, a more comprehensive menu will appear. Scroll down […]

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