How to Archive Checklists/View Archived Checklists

Archiving checklists lets you hide them from view without permanently deleting them and is a great way to file away unused or completed checklists.

Archived checklists also do not count towards your five checklist limit on our free plan, so you can archive a checklist to make room for a new one.

Users: To archive checklists you must be an Admin or a Member of your organization. 

How to archive checklists

From within a checklist

When you view any checklist, you’ll see a button to “Archive checklist” over in the right-hand menu.

From your template dashboard or folders

If you want to archive all the checklists associated with a template, you can archive the template, which automatically archives all the checklists at the same time.

Start in your Template Dashboard, click “Templates” at the top of your screen and search for the required template.

Click the three dots next to your template’s name to open the right-hand menu. Next select “More options” and then “Archive template”.

Finally, unarchive the template and the checklists will remain inactive.

How to view archived checklists

You can view archived checklists from your Checklist Dashboard or from your activity feed.

From Checklist Dashboard

Access your Checklist Dashboard by clicking the “Checklists” button in the header bar at the top of your screen.

You can search in saved views you already have created, or create a new saved view. In the example below we’re going to create a new saved view just for archived checklists, from all our templates.

First create a new saved view from the top left side of your screen, then select the templates you want to view. Next set the filter to show checklists that contain the status “Archived”.

Save the view when you’re happy with the layout.

From your activity feed

To see which user archived a checklist, you can head to the activity tab in your organization manager screen.

Recent activity is shown at the top of the page, you may want to load more results and search for the word “Archived” for older activity feeds.

There is no limit to the activity logs, so all activity since you began your account will be recorded here.

How to unarchive or delete archived checklists

To unarchive or delete an archived checklist you first need to find it by using the filters in your Checklist Dashboard and then open the checklist in question.

In the checklist right-hand menu, you will now see two buttons; “Unarchive checklist” and “Delete checklist”. Click the option you want to carry out.

Learn how to recover deleted checklists.


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