How to Archive Checklists/View Archived Checklists

Archiving checklists lets you hide them from view without permanently deleting them and is a great way to file away unused or completed checklists.

Archived checklists also do not count towards your five checklist limit on our free plan, so you can archive a checklist to make room for a new one.

How to archive checklists

First you need to open the checklist you want to archive. Once open, click on the “Checklist options” button in the right-hand menu.


Next, select “Archive this checklist” from the dropdown menu.


How to unarchive and delete archived checklists

To unarchive or delete an archived checklist you first need to open it. The right-hand menu will now have two buttons; “Unarchive this checklist” and “Delete this checklist”. Click the option you want to carry out.

Note that deleted checklists are gone forever – we cannot retrieve them.


How to view archived checklists

To view an archived checklist you first need to open the folder which contains them.

Next, click the cog next to the folder’s name at the top of your dashboard, then click “Show inactive”.


Another great way to view your archived checklists is using the template overview.

Open up the parent template of your checklists, switch to the overview tab, then make sure that in the “Statuses” dropdown is set to show archived checklists.


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