Export and Print Workflows

You can easily print and export workflows as a PDF in Process Street.

This is a great way to back up your workflows and also to share them with others, such as customers or clients.

Users: Admins, Full Members, Free Members and Guests can export and print workflows.

Export workflows as PDF documents

Workflows can be exported and saved as a PDF by using the “Print” option.

First, click the three dots (…)  next to your workflow’s name and then click “More options” in the right-hand menu.

Click “Print” and when the print menu opens, select “Save as PDF“. Save the file to a local folder on your device.

Printing Workflows

To print your workflow, follow the same steps outlined above, only this time select your printer from the menu.

Select the printer of your choice under “Destination” (in Chrome), or “Printer” (in Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer). Now you can print your workflow.


Save the file as a PDF document, or print the workflow under “Destination”.

Save as PDF Chrome


To save your file as a PDF click “Export as PDF” directly from the browser File menu. You can also “Print…” from the bottom of this same File menu.

Save as PDF Safari


Save the file as a PDF document, or print the workflow under the browser “File” menu, Print…”

Save as PDF Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Export or print a PDF by changing the printer selection to “Microsoft Print to PDF” or “Save as PDF” in the browser print menu.

Learn how to export and print workflow runs, or how to export runs to a CSV.


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