Export and Print Workflow Runs

You can print or export your workflow runs as a PDF, which allows you to store or share your workflow runs with others.

All the data you have collected in form fields, as well as who is assigned, which tasks are completed, and any comments that have been made in the task comments, can all be exported.

Once exported, you can store or save your workflow runs for audit purposes or send them to a client, customer or anyone outside your Process Street organization.

Users: Admins, Full Members, Free Members and Guests can export or print workflow runs.

Printing workflow runs

Start in your Reports tab and click on a workflow run’s name to open it.

In the right-hand menu click “More options” and then “Print” as shown below.

A printable version of your workflow run opens up, and from here, you can either print it to your local printer or save it as a PDF.

Export workflow runs to PDF

To export your workflow run as a PDF, you will need to save the print output as a PDF. Follow the appropriate instructions below based on your browser.


Click to print the workflow run, then select print, then under destination in the print menu, select “Save as PDF” or if you’re using Google Drive you can save it straight to your Google Drive.


Click to print the workflow run, then select print, then “Print to PDF”.

Microsoft Edge

Click to print the workflow run, then change the printer selection to “Save as PDF”.


Click to print the workflow run, then in the printer selection click “PDF” and then “Save as PDF”.


Learn how to export and print workflows, or how to export workflow runs to a CSV file.


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