Export Checklists and Form Fields to CSV

You can export all checklists run from a template in a CSV file.

This means that the file will show all of your active, completed, and archived checklists, with columns for each task, the status of the checklist, each form field, the assignees, and more.

Users: Admins and Members can export checklists as a CSV.

How to export your checklists as a CSV

There are three ways you can export the checklists you’ve run from a template as a CSV file:

  • Export from your Checklist Dashboard where you will find all your checklists from all templates
  • Export from Template Overview for checklists created from one template
  • Export from a Template menu for quick access to a CSV file

Export from Checklist Dashboard

Exporting from Checklist Dashboard allows you the most flexibility of all of these options. You can select which checklists you would like to export from any template in your whole organization, and from saved views you have created. You can also select which columns you would like to export from here.

First, head to the Checklist Dashboard in the blue header bar at the top of your screen. Select a saved view from the left hand menu and then click on the export button on the right side of your screen. Choose either “export all columns” or “export only visible columns”. Once you click the Export CSV button, your CSV will automatically start downloading within your current browser.

Note: Time zones for all dates included in CSV exports are in UTC. To convert the UTC to your local time, please visit this site.

Export from Template Overview

Exporting from the Template Overview allows you to choose which columns you would like to export from one template, before downloading data as a CSV.

First, click on the name of the template you would like to export checklist data from. Click on the “Overview” tab to open up the Template Overview. Click the “Export to CSV” button and choose all columns or only visible columns. Once you click the green Export button, the CSV will start downloading within your current browser.

Export from a Template menu

Exporting from a Template menu is a quick way to access the “export all columns” feature, without having to navigate away from your template view. If you would like to choose which columns are visible before exporting, then you’ll want to export from the Checklist Dashboard or the Template Overview instead (see above).

First you will need to open the template’s menu. To do this, either click the cog next to the template name in your dashboard or open up the template.

Click the ‘More” button in the right-hand menu, then scroll down to the the Export menu at the bottom and select “Export checklists as CSV…” You’ll be prompted to choose “export all columns” or “export only visible columns”. Your choice of which columns are visible can be made in the Template Overview or in the Checklist Dashboard.

Your CSV will automatically start downloading within your current browser.

Exporting in action

This example shows how you can export only visible columns from a template menu, then use the CSV file as an into Google Sheets. You can also import into Excel.

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