Export Checklists and Form Fields to CSV

You can export all checklists run from a template in a CSV file.

This means that the file will show all of your active, completed, and archived checklists, with columns for each task, the status of the checklist, each form field, the assignees, and more.

How to export your checklists as a CSV

There are two ways you can export the checklists you’ve run from a template as a CSV file:

Exporting from the dashboard

To export checklists from your dashboard, first click the cog next to the name of the template you ran your checklists from.

csv - template cog

Next, click “More” in the right-hand template menu which appears.

csv - more button template menu

Then, click the “Export checklists as CSV” button (you may need to scroll down a little to see this).

csv - export as csv button

Finally, you’ll be prompted to “export all columns” or “export only visible columns”. This allows you to choose the checklist data you would like included in your CSV. You can make this selection in the template overview.

Your CSV will be generated and automatically download to your browser.

Exporting from template overview

You can also export your checklists directly from template overview. To do this, first click on your template’s name to open it.

csv - template name dashboard click

Next, click on the “Overview” tab in the top left of your template display.

csv - template overview tab button

Then, click the “Export to CSV” button above the main overview table.

csv - template overview export to csv button

As with the other method of exporting, you’ll be promoted to “export all columns” or “export only visible columns”.

Your CSV will automatically start downloading within your current browser.

Please note that time zones for all dates included in CSV exports are in UTC. To convert the UTC to your local time, please visit this site.

Exporting in action

See exporting in action in the gif below.

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