How Do I Import Documents?

While we do not have a full template import feature, you can achieve a limited import by copying a list of tasks from programs such as Excel, Google Sheets, your CRM or Microsoft Word.

These will serve as the basis for your tasks and from there, you can build out your templates with rich content, form fields and other features.

Users: In order to create or edit templates, you must be an Administrator or a Member who has been given ‘can edit’ access by your Administrator.

How to import documents

First create a new template or edit an existing one.

Next, copy your tasks from your source document or CRM and paste them into your Process Street template.

As long as they are on separate lines, the template editor should automatically format them into tasks in your template.

The example below shows how to do this using a Google Sheet:

After you’ve added your tasks, you can build out the content of each task in the center of your screen.

Learn more about adding function and features to your templates in our Getting Started Guide, below.


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