Template Share Link

You can share your templates with other people, either inside or outside your organization.

Creating a Template Share Link allows you to:

  • Share your template with colleagues who art part of your organization
  • Share a “view only” version of your template with customers or clients who don’t have a Process Street account
  • Have people outside your organization run checklists from your template
  • Have people outside your organization import your template into their organization, so that they effectively have their own version of your template and can run checklists from it

For more information on all of the ways to share templates and checklists, check out our help article on sharing your processes.

How to access the template sharing options

To access the options for sharing a template, first click the three dots next to the name of the template to open the right-hand template menu.

From there, click “Share Template” to open up the template sharing options and click the “Share link” tab.

From the “Share link” tab, you can set one of three different permission levels for the Template Share Link. This will determine who can use your link and what they can see or do with your template:

  • Only members of your organization can view the template and create checklists
  • Anyone with the link can view the template
  • Anyone with the link can view the template and create shared checklists

Once you have chosen the permission level that you prefer, copy the link by clicking the “Copy” button and send it to whoever you like. Click “Done” to close the share menu.

Private template importing

To privately share a template with another Process Street organization, set the Template Share Link permissions to either:

  • “Anyone with the link can view this template” or
  • “Anyone with the link can view this template and create shared checklists”

The recipient of the link will be able to import the template directly into their organization by clicking the “I want this for my business” button at the top right of the page.

If you have chose the permission which allows them to create checklists, they can also “Run checklists” straight away by clicking the green button shown below:

In the share template dialogue box, you can also find another tab that allows you to create checklist run links. These links automatically start a checklist from that template, when someone clicks the link. Learn more about how to create and use Checklist Run Links.


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